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4fun shit talk with imag, who misses pvp shit talk? [long retarded thread]

Started by Yz, March 29, 2019, 11:13:40 PM

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why am i makin this thread, fun n nostalgia i guess but imag brought it up lets dive deep

if ur an oldguard reading this thinking im a ****ing retard for even gettin into this shit yes i am but imag really wants to n im a nice guy who loves a fun time, it's a sat morning and im chompin away at toasties, why not do this rather than watch filler vids on youtube


this is a 30 sec game lol clearly wasn't a 1v1 or he fell in blue, not even moving goalposts but it's impossible to win a 1v1 in 30sec against a max lvl char. if u wanna count this pic even tho it clearly never shoulda, the score ended at 2-1 xd

this is 2013 when i quit totally epic, also a best of 1, when every 1 ever played was a best of 3

this is 1v1 with gala at 1 tier of armor below u in yellow as well, not a 30sec game where everyone clearly suicided or fell off the map lol and he won 2-0 as well

this me beating opti 5~ tiers of armor below n 87 lvls, i dont think theres more overwhelmin proof someone was better than someone else at the game than a pic like that


what da screenies show?

u beat me yez. but i never said u didn't. i said i beat opti n star. ders a piccy of me beatin opti there while at mega ingame disadvantage. i said gala beat u. the only pic u have with gala is a 4man 30 sec game, u can't kill any full lvl character in 30sec so it was clearly mapwide suicide, whereas there was 2 pics of gala beating u while at an armor n lvl disadvantage. the most fun part bout u n me arguing about pvp from 8 years ago is that not only did gala beat u and i beat opti, we did it missing half our gear lol

also 1 more fun thing for u, since u won't stop this until i stop responding but i love gettin the last word so we'll be at it for a while, but i thought u might find this interdasting

here's pvp awards 2012 (community vote)

here's 2013

what does dis tell us?

by the time u were any good at pvp, which is the screen u killed me in, EVERYONE had quit, legit everyone. gala, opti and i went from bein known as the best players to not even getting a single vote in 2013. even dannii and idiil got 1 vote each in 2013. in other words, ur only competition was idiil and dannii in 2013. i remember a thread where corr informed u who surge_assassin was n how he was the best pvper in old bots, u said it was sad u wouldnt get to pvp him. this is the same deal. u were the best at one point n that point was when every1 quit yet we still have these talks lol

if u read back, when opti, star, gala, poke, cursed4ever and i actually pvped, u were never even in discussion at all for a good pvper
remember dis thread? https://boutcheetah.zylongaming.com/index.php?topic=30307.150 fun read id make fun of how retarded u were in it but we all kinda were

the ONLY compliment to u in this whole thread is allie says ur better than corr, n we both know allie didn't have a mind for pvp

when it came to gala u weren't in convo with him, everyone rated him with opti n star. u were never rated with opti because opti quit by the time u were worth anythin at pvp. by screenshots, and even if we count ur 30sec pic where gala fell at blue hp, gala was 2-1 on u. but that pic rly shouldn't count so he was 2-0. the only person who ever mentioned star opti and u in the same sentence was u, no1 else, i searched on forum and it absolutely has never happened xd

no1 knew who u were before 2013 and when everyone quit u had fun beating losers like idiil
i was clearly better than opti as the pic shows in 2011 at least since i could win half lvl
u were better than me (in red hp in even armor unlike me vs opti) in 2013/4 when i played 1 game of pvp that whole year
gala beat u 2-0 officially
gala, opti, poke and i had entirely quit pvp/the game by 2013, i think even star had
lastly n most importantly, ur throwin cusses around cuz u don't like what i remember about pvp, when i rag on u it's because ur a woman scorning virgin whos posted like 4 times about pvp tryna get me to get into it with u
and 1 more time so u can hear
u were never in convo with opti, idk why u say "opti star and me" it was opti star and allie star thought u were a ****ing weirdo and opti had 2 convos with u ever lol plus people referred to them as pvp legends in every thread, u were never brought up by anyone except reject leftovers like idiil

i never liked bc pvp since i joined in 2010, it was a flock of retards quoting opti. there was no reason to think opti was as good as he said he was. even allie fell for this shit. anyone who believed opti was good was because he said he was. b-evo had the best pvpers from bots, and bc had a bunch of dumb ****s who could barely speak english. i always rated who the better pvper was by who won the 1v1s not who swung their **** around the most, which is what bc pvp seemed to be based on. whoever cried the most was considered the best. if u look back all those threads, i stopped talkin in any pvp chat after 2011 unless i was defendin poke or somethin.

proof of how ridiculous bc pvp community was, was one time nitex came back from bots, said he was better than opti, lost to opti and quit immeditately, but then the bc pvp community still rated nitex as #2 for like a ****ing year. wathathahrhe****[email protected][email protected]? he was rated #2 for a year because he said he was the best but he only ever pvped opti and lost **** me sanctuary rly was a bunch of retards

the best were the ones with proof they won, because proof came from actual 1v1s. ur proof is a 30sec push and a bo1 with me, mine is a bo1 beating opti with half his ****en stats (seriously, why the **** did this community ever think he was any good? jesus christ) and the other proof is gala beating u 2-0 no push with a tier of armor under u

whew ive missed bc pvp shit talk it's been 8-10 years alright guys let's get it


imag when u reply take ur time, address each thing 1 by 1, not just 1 post of 'heh i was strongest i am a virgin who hates u...' ok lets have 1 last pvp convo in memory of all of bots :)


dammit u posted way too fast, i was hoping for something fun, now dis thread got no potential ;/

also cursedsun isn't cursed4ever, and nobody ever thought cursed4ever was amazing but he was good

as for me in t3, err, there's no proof of that anywhere. it isn't in the screenies. besides why do u keep goin back to beatin me? i didnt say i beat u in 2013 lol ur repeatin urself. the main statements are i beat opti at half his lvl and gala beat u 2-0 one in yellow. why such a boring reply :(

Quote from: ImaginationX on March 29, 2019, 11:40:39 PM
Galacti was beaten twice by me. End of story. And I beat you way more than just two. You're the weakest.

u have 1 screeny and it's a 30sec game ;D


Quote from: ImaginationX on March 30, 2019, 12:29:36 AM
Galacti lost to me twice. After that I did not see him PvP consistently. You lie too much and im tired of dealing with you.  I am the best and that is all that matters. You couldn't keep your virginity at 16, and you will never get that back, no matter how much you beg for it.

weird ;/

but u have 1 pic of u beating him and it's a 30sec push in blue hp lol. and he beat u twice in underlvled armor so what does that say..?


u havent posted any pics of u beating gala other than the 30sec push wtf..
Quote from: ImaginationX

quote author=ImaginationX link=topic=69452.msg509155#msg509155 date=1553913674]
I don't know why you keep talking to me, it is extremely annoying. I won't repeat myself, screenshots are up there for reference.



Quote from: ImaginationX on March 30, 2019, 12:43:59 AM
Two of my wins vs galacti are up there

no they aren't anywhere lol am i having an aneurysm

this is boring i was hoping ud address each point but all ur sayin is "i hate u im the best" das no fun i can just get that kinda fight in a fortnite or minecraft game plus ur deleting all ur posts so no one will get to read whatever fun we had anyway snore


I thought imagination had raw skill and spirit but guess Gala was better ...

everything make sense naw..



hello i am korea gamer of boutcheetah..  ;D ;D ;D ;D i playd.... in sunshine!!!!!! guild.............. wuz vry gud :o :o :o :o dragonclaw tel me im th bst :D :D :D :D

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