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1  BoutCheetah Community / Marketplace / sell item on: November 29, 2016, 07:50:49 AM
sell halloween shoulder,shield ,miasma,metowing, S,P,deadkitten
if possible item trade want
2  BoutCheetah Community / Player Sponsored Events / Re: Robo - give away (Membership) on: February 06, 2016, 12:26:26 AM

9 Cheesy

thanks robo <3
3  BoutCheetah Community / General Discussion / Zylon staffs, including Max, this is writing to tell you i'm innocent. on: January 22, 2015, 07:44:20 AM
This writing is translations from Destiny Of Victory GL daniel9933.
I'm Ep Megatron.
You Zylon staffs don't know about this one, that BOUT ID 'an1545' is me,
and the ID formation date is in 2010.
Right now, the ID 'an1545' is in lost, and the reason why i'm telling this word is
to explain what facts you should know about this one.
This is the famous portal site of Korea called 'naver':
Also this site has cafe system (similar meaning as individiual site),
This site gave punishments who create the BC cafe in Naver, because they think
BC, Bout Evoloution Server is FREE (ILLEGAL) one.
I'm the one of them.
But I took almost a month for convincing that BC Server is not illegal,
so they accepted creating BC cafe. So I made it June 19,2011 (In Korea date).
This is what i said Korea Bout Forum before.
I was the helper to encounter into BC easier from 2011,
I was the helper to pay with Paypal easier from 2011,
and I was sender of BC new updates, events because Korean didn't know about it well.
So I became the most famous person in Korean, also In Korea I'm similar as GM like you guys.
I truly love BC, why you don't believe me, and believe the scammer?
You guys dodn't know, Ring scammed so much Korean people.
Ring scammed you, me, and Zylon GMs. It's true that Ring gave me his account.
I didn't do any hackings. Ring used the fact that I can't do English well,
and camoflaged he lend account to me, trying to ban me.
The reason why Ring is doing to me is our relationship is not good, also ring was going to quit at that time.
And If I got banned, then I'll delete my BC cafe, he thought.
But I love BC truely, so I won't delete the Cafe.
I'm guiltless. REALLY the pictures that Ring send to you is all trumped up.
I also have withnesses, but why you don't believe me?
My Korean friends said Max and Ring had good relationship.
So Max ignore me, and my withnesses' sayings.
Isn't it abuse of power? I felt too much sense of betrayal.
I played BC so much, but I only know Allie, Santa, Yz, Cooky.
Max, what have you got from Ring?
You've got bribe from Ring, so you can ban me without any proofs?
Max, my friends also you'll knkow, If FM Lunate, DragonClaw were playing BC,
and happen as sams as me and Ring, can you ban them like me?
I've known about BC so much, but I can't do English well, so I've scammed by Korean scammers,
I got banned before because of hacking.
I just did as he said, but his purpose is to ban me.
Still they exists. We are divided them, and us.
The reason why i created BC Cafe is not to get some prizes from you,
to play with Koreans. But I can't do now, right?
My precious account has been banned, how can i enjly BC?
I'm also GL of Emperor, so i'm sad.

P.S FM Lunate is the first BC Cafe Leader, his Cafe was gone because he created it
when Naver punished it. After I convinced them, and I created BC Cafe. <-This address is my BC Cafe.
You can see people count, that count is how many people are active in my cafe.
The people who quit my cafe counts are similar as active people,
The people who only knew how to download BC client, How to join BC are almost.
Truely, 99% of BC Korean are from me.
Upper address master nickname is 찍찍이. That's me.
I wish to feel my innocence with reading this. I truely love BC. Please Unban me.
I can't reply, because I can't do English well. This writing is translation from
my friend, Destiny Of Victory Leader 'Daniel Jack'
Maybe I only can translate the word 'unban.'
Under pictures are which I talked with Ring, the proof of Ring giving his account to me.
Try to use translation system.
Ring(ko6543) = 윤현(Which shown under pictures.)
Don't say you can unban only with kakaotalk captures. You guys don't have sufficient proofs too but you banned me. The reason why you banned me is just seeing Ring's kakaotalk captures. Though it is insufficient.

4  BoutCheetah Community / General Discussion / event on: December 23, 2014, 03:12:23 AM
hi allie

I'm T Megatron. I'm the master of Korean BC homepage. My members of BC hompage are almost 10k, and most people who are active said they will give up playing BC if you don't make event. They want events which didn't execute before (halloween), and Christmas Event to be executed together.
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