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Guild Name: GrooveDudes
Guild Creation Date: 2015-06-19 09:31:25
Guild Master: neilA rM
Guild Notice: Love all of you, keep having fun my rookies
Total members: 18 of 20
Total Guild Points: 44989686



GD TheJudge11313279
GD SOULS7417029
GD Plsyua5525127
GD Smasher4323741
GD Khaneseus3915921
neilA rM2799000
GD Nsane11906665
GD puiuts1563048
GD DoomBringer1389309
GD AlienZift1252140
GD Chipicao1139268
GD Turtle988182
GD Cupcake398982
GD ckevin338100
GD GodlyWep290802
GD Svetlanoff279078
GD KingCobra142380
GD Cookies7635
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