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 on: April 14, 2019, 02:49:49 AM 
Started by mingchung99 - Last post by mingchung99
Yep. Thx both of you for the comments. And yeah, kor, you hit some good points tho they're a bit off topic. I highly agree with your observations on the games, but would like to take some different angles to view specific things.

Okay. Since I am not familiar with bvb, I would start with pvp. Yeah, No doubt surges are privileged in pvp: When you are fast enough and less prone to lag , you are already close to victory. Um, however, this is not what I pursuit(No offense). It is more intriguing for me to use a slower and slightly weaker ram or patch against the surges, so that I can discover interesting ideas and techniques regarding the enemies' types and maps, thus having fun consistently over years. Maybe you would think it's ridiculous and meaningless, cuz nothing could actually win against the extreme defense(Srsly I doubt it, nvm).  But by doing this, I could never cease my curiosity and improvement here. All in all, it is quite boring to repeat the same method again and again, no matter in pvp or bvb.(hmm, wonder if you still get the motivation, but you can try battling with a patch called writer, who impressed me and my other friend revenche sometimes with creative moves)

The other thing I want to talk about is what we still can do here. It may be true that you are already sick of all the sector, pvp and bvb. Then how about training the others? In sector you can follow behind a guy in order to help him when he's in danger, and review what mistakes he has done or teach some simple tricks to do it safer or faster. For pvp you can ask the guy to chase you around in the neo map, so that he can have a basic concept of predicting enemies' moves and gain a simple understanding on how to swift around different levels of height efficiently. And for bvb, yes, I am a noob there. So how about teaching me? I can arrange a 2v2 or 3v3 fight and you can be an instructor without participating in the game. It is always pleasing to see one learn something from you and improve.

Alright, I actually know these suggestions are just my experience and probably won't suit you. After all that's related to lifestyles. Anyway I do respect all of you who no longer have love in the game, Have a good day bro!

 on: April 13, 2019, 10:04:03 PM 
Started by kcys1020 - Last post by kcys1020
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 on: April 13, 2019, 07:28:13 PM 
Started by mingchung99 - Last post by koreansdfjl1
Hey, man. I, too, started playing Bots in late 2006. I was only 10 years old and learned about the game from my cousin during Thanksgiving Break. While I haven't played the game in several years at this point, I used to be really dedicated to this game. I also like many of the mechanics of this game. I like how Bots/BOUT is a simple and easy-to-grasp game, and there's nothing forced on you like stories or cutscenes.

However, I think that Bots does not offer me anything anymore unfortunately. I grinded multiple accounts to level 100 legitimately back on the original game from 2006-2009 and played tons of PvP and BvB. In 2009, the original version of BC was released, and I played that a lot as well for the PvP.

In 2010, Bout Evo was in its closed beta phase, and I was lucky enough to get a key. I ended up playing the game a lot early on in its life, and I was the second person to get to level 110 (max level), which took forever in the early versions of the game. Later on, I got another 2 accounts in that game to max level, even though it took forever. I played a lot of PvP in Bout Evo, hoping that the admins would eventually fix BvB and make it as fun as it was in Bots.

Tok and friends never even attempted to fix BvB, so I eventually started playing the new version of BC in 2012. The new version of BC had a lot of stuff in it I thought was awful tbh, but I still played it anyway because a lot of people I liked were playing it. Additionally, BC actually had a somehow funnish BvB mode if you played with the right ruleset (level 98/108 armor only, no member flags, etc.).

However, there were still many things wrong with BvB, and nothing ever really got fixed here either. One big flaw with the mode is that there is only one map that isn't bullshit (Industrobe Plains), so it gets tiring to play on the same map all the time, even though Industrobe is a really well-designed map. I got 3 accounts to max here (back when the level cap was 172 for non-members) through basing and PvPing. But my interest waned when most of the people I enjoyed BvBing with lost interest and stopped playing. There are also few people who are actually good at BvB, so playing against random people on low level accounts got really boring after awhile as well. I even played Zylon Bots for awhile, but I got tired of sectoring and eventually got banned for hacking because Dewo told me that Jake (KillerPig) and I could complete the levels faster. Also, Zylon Bots has issues with chaining and the base mode is trash, and it will never be fixed.

Even though I really like all three game modes, sector can only maintain my interest for so long. I've done all the main levels from Bots so many times that it just simply isn't enjoyable for me anymore. I've also played tons of PvP, and while I think it can be really fun when there's a room with 8 people and play FFA or 4v4 teams, 1v1 PvP is really boring because Surges are easily the best and extremely defensive play is by far the most effective strategy. BvB isn't fun either when the only matches that I can get are 1v1s (or 2v2s which are also pretty shit), and none of the people I enjoyed the game mode a lot with aren't even playing anymore. This is a very short version of my story with the game and some of my issues with it, but maybe you'll find some of this interesting.

 on: April 13, 2019, 01:35:38 AM 
Started by mingchung99 - Last post by Caspian
I wish there was a like button Smiley

 on: April 12, 2019, 04:32:20 PM 
Started by mingchung99 - Last post by mingchung99
Just happen to be in the mood to write something here ...Have expected to be ignored or viewed as some sort of fool or nerd but it’s fine. This is my true feeling as a man who still play Boutcheetah.

I joined Bots in late 2006, when I was very young and would just tag along with my brother, sharing the same acc for the game. Still, I'd been into it shortly and created another acc to compete with him for levels. It is always the greatest time though we were not involved in any big groups or communities.

Bout was fascinating too, but things gradually turned ugly somehow. In the hope to make some changes, I innocently became a mod in 2017; and indeed, nothing could be changed. Bout has been a real mess these years, until recently, people who are arrogant and self-centered have left, and the remaining are mostly kind and truly love this game. It becomes enjoyable again for me to play pvp with my new friends, or to teach the nostalgic players some pvp techniques and train them in Z.Bots.

I know we are sometimes laughed at for still being stuck in Bout, and understand why most of you hate the game. But no matter how shitty it, or Kenneth, is, I simply love the fighting mechanism here. And also, my friends are here. Are we wasting our time? I don’t think so. At least, we are having some fruitful and relaxing moments every week doing fun pvp matches. It’s way better than reading old posts for “nostalgia” while simultaneously discouraging passersby from playing again ; or claiming ourselves as stone or knife.

Nah, don’t get me wrong. I am not convincing you guys to come back. Most of you’ve already lost the interest in the game content, and there are lots of much better games awaiting you, whatever. However, there are still someone, some humans, playing the game. Not only us, but also some of the other Koreans who are consistently rooted here.Though we may not be as good as you, we deserve some more respect. At least, please don’t ignore us and say something like “Oh, this game is already dead out. No one actually play.”

I don't know what you would think about me right now, probably a silly grave buffoon talking shit that is irrelevant to you. That's fine. Anyway, I have finally voiced here the opinion that has been hidden in my heart for long, and that's enough for me. Thx for listening.

 on: April 09, 2019, 11:05:57 AM 
Started by Yz - Last post by Pokeh
holy shit people still post here

i figured the game & forums got ran into the ground 3+ years ago
someone get this n-word on discord

 on: April 08, 2019, 10:54:19 PM 
Started by Yz - Last post by Yz
holy shit people still post here

i figured the game & forums got ran into the ground 3+ years ago

they did but some of us come here once a month to talk shit even this thread is like 3-4 years old also holy fk i missed u Kiss Kiss Kiss

 on: April 08, 2019, 10:22:47 PM 
Started by Yz - Last post by Kevin
holy shit people still post here

i figured the game & forums got ran into the ground 3+ years ago

 on: April 08, 2019, 08:12:59 PM 
Started by antisickness - Last post by thekgb
hey men!

i need to check with anti the real guildl leader to ma ke sure its OK!!!!!

we will be back

 rKr 2019

sosa bad

 on: April 08, 2019, 07:36:14 PM 
Started by antisickness - Last post by mo9
are applications still open  Huh Roll Eyes Huh Roll Eyes Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked

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