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    Updates 2/8/2015
    February 08, 2015, 02:40:29 AM by Santa
    Views: 32115 | Comments: 6

    1.) The client now has protected .bin files, which means they can no longer be modified by hackers.
    2.) New Trans/Merc Icons for missing or previously bad looking icons have been replaced/added.
    3.) Missing level 110 shield in the shop has been added back.

    Thank meteor for the updated icons everyone.


    Quick Bugfix
    January 31, 2015, 09:34:08 PM by Santa
    Views: 26369 | Comments: 0

    When a friend on your friend list deleted his/her bot, they would not be removed from your list, and would show a blank spot in the top.  Now when you login, friends on your list that do not exist are automatically removed.

    More bug fixes are coming soon, the event will be out as scheduled automatically.  Enjoy!  As always, please let me know if my fix did not resolve this issue.


    Collection Event
    January 25, 2015, 04:47:23 PM by Santa
    Views: 86285 | Comments: 166

    Event Date: 2/1/2015 - 2/7/2015

    Objective: Collect 5 Golden Chests per day for the event.  Golden Chests drop from the bosses of all sector maps with a 30% chance.  You have to be +- 30 levels of the sector map in order to receive credit for picking up a Golden Chest.

    Prize: You will receive 2 prizes at the end of the event; Only if you collected the 5 Golden Chests every day of the event.

    Prize 1: A random rare item from past events.

    Prize 2: A random amount of Zylon Shop Coins.  Maximum able to be received is 2,000.  The higher the amount, the less of a chance to get.

    To check your progress in the event, please go to the events page Here


    Slight forum change
    January 17, 2015, 12:49:38 PM by Allie
    Views: 90443 | Comments: 6

    The guilds board no longer gives post count. Along with this change, guild threads are now allowed to contain mild (but not excessive) amounts of spam.
    Posting non guild related spam content in the guild forum will still result in a warning, and/or further action.

    If any thread that has been locked due to spam wishes to appeal their unlock, you may do so through PMs to myself.

    Halloween Event - Post poned
    October 31, 2014, 02:13:15 AM by Allie
    Views: 69254 | Comments: 42

    As it's finally hit midnight on Halloween, I must make the decision to post pone this event.
    On the 23rd, Santa moved to Wyoming. We agreed he'd be back and ready by the 27th, but unfortunate I haven't heard from him since.

    Halloween is always our biggest event, and I don't want you to think we're not having one.
    The event is coded and ready - we're just waiting on him to show up. I'm assuming his internet is just not on yet.

    Deeply apologize to those who were waiting on it tonight.

    Our last major update was last November
    October 09, 2014, 01:06:45 AM by Allie
    Views: 98656 | Comments: 147

    And whats been stopping us from updating is over.
    We've come back together to update the game more, and while deciding what we should do, we realized we don't know what you guys want anymore.

    This thread is for you to tell us what you want updated. No matter how big or small it is. We'll hopefully be back to doing regular updates starting next month. What you tell us will directly affect what will be updated.

    PS, a halloween event is planned as always.

    Edited in - we're also looking for things you don't like about the game over on this thread. We're taking all of your feedback seriously.

    Recent Scammer Info
    September 13, 2014, 05:28:51 AM by Cooky
    Views: 55989 | Comments: 0

    Recently someone has been scamming players by asking them to change their email to his email, and then he steals your account.  And players are actually falling for this. Never under ANY circumstances listen to a player who asks you to change your account information, not even a staff member. Take a screenshot and report the scammer or if you aren't sure then ask a staff member about it.

    258 GP Hotfix for Members
    August 17, 2014, 06:20:52 PM by Yz
    Views: 71837 | Comments: 10

    Hey all, we've recently noticed that non-members have a faster GP gain than members after they hit Lv 268 as Gora's Requiem[258] gives half as much GP after that. Non-members having such an advantage in sector was unintended and 258 has been hotfixed to give the same GP for all levels up to 270.

    Looking for animators and graphic artists
    August 03, 2014, 12:08:03 PM by Allie
    Views: 89715 | Comments: 11

    I am potentially looking for someone who can take a pre-built model and animate it.
    Also looking for someone who can design ui either on your own or with a team.
    If you have this skill, please send me a PM and we'll discuss.

    Amended Forum Rules
    July 21, 2014, 01:28:46 PM by JustRK
    Views: 93626 | Comments: 7

    We have recently decided to amend our current Forum Rules to add the following

    17. No advertising unless otherwise stated by an Admin or Head GM
    18. Do not ever create topics or post replies which encourage breaking our In-Game rules.

    Any moderation flags given for these two forum rules proceeding this announcement will not be forgiven so if you have any inquiries regarding them please feel free to message a staff member, preferably myself or an admin.

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