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    Our New Staff Member
    November 15, 2013, 08:06:53 PM by Selene
    Views: 54323 | Comments: 47

    Welcome your new in-game Moderator! - Mod RK

    Please congratulate him kindly!

    November 12, 2013, 02:24:52 AM by Selene
    Views: 34109 | Comments: 0

    I am making this announcement because I feel like its a necessary thing to do. I am going to be taking a new approach of how I act and communicate with you players. I admit I can act unprofessional and can be really really rude therefore I am sorry for those I have acted  rude or just unprofessional. I will from now on respond in a professional way and not try to act rude.

    Put in announcement because I feel it's the right place to put in.  

    Also the drama we are having is kinda crazy I say, if you feel something is wrong please PM me and I will try to figure out how to fix it.

    We are a community and like family, families have drama and make up eventually and we sadly are in drama stage but hey! We are still here enjoying our selfs and friends!

    DoubleBlade Incident
    October 31, 2013, 11:29:14 PM by Allie
    Views: 60366 | Comments: 29

    As you've all noticed (and decided to overreact to), I have fixed a bug that has been in-game for a long time.
    It was a bug that caused countdowns to not tick on giga items. Unfortunately, a side effect, is that DoubleBlade has been bugged since its release - it's been labeled a giga item instead of a coin item.
    As a result, the timer started ticking as soon as the server acknowledged you guys were wearing it. Unfortunately, it was never intended to be permanent, but I decided to let it stay because you guys liked it.

    Even though the fact that it's disappearing is not a bug, we will be reimbursing once we think of a way how. I strongly support our economy, and I will make sure everyone who owned this rare will not be forgotten.

    For the million of you who decided to tell me on steam, please remember I do read the forums 100% of the time I'm online, you do nothing but spam and annoy me, including staff members and head GMs

    Zylon Shop Discounts - 10/31-11/10
    October 31, 2013, 02:17:09 AM by Allie
    Views: 43536 | Comments: 23

    We'll be having an event starting Halloween day (10/31) and ending a week after our in-game events complete.
    For the entire week, all items in the Zylon Shop have a discount of a full 50%. This means an item that normally costs 2000 ZC will cost 1000 for the rest of the event.

    In addition to this, we've added a few new items we hope you guys like. Give us some feedback if you'd like some more of these kinds of items.

    Remember, you have until 11/10 to get such a large discount on these items. 114 ZC for each trans coupon, 46 ZC per snowball. Enjoy.

    Halloween Event - 10/28-11/3
    October 28, 2013, 02:02:09 AM by Allie
    Views: 49156 | Comments: 38

    Due to our minimal time this month with Kenny missing, we bring you a small, exciting map to enjoy.

    To access this map, select Event from Sector rules.
    You'll be brought to a room without tags, with one available map.

    The boss drops three unique items - candy, and two items I will not spoil!
    The candy can be used with the shiny new button available in the lobby. You type the name of a friend or another player, and you use up a candy to send them a gift!
    For every five gifts you send, you will receive a gift of your own (in addition to any others may have sent you).
    This gift has a slightly higher chance of something cool, so send out gifts to everyone you know! (can only gift to online players, and can only give to a unique player once a day)

    In addition to these events, you will enjoy x2 all week, with x3 on Halloween. We will also be releasing another small something on Halloween, so look forward to it!

    New Staff Changes 9/29
    September 29, 2013, 07:28:29 PM by Selene
    Views: 46828 | Comments: 31

    It's sad to say that GM Spiderstar, GM ZeroUH & GM Materger asked to be resigned from their position.

    We have decided upon promoting Angrod & Code to the GM position as we believe they are the most qualified. However this is leaving us with only three In-game Mods, therefore we are promoting Cooky & -Oreos- to the Moderator position.  


    All promoted players are to PM Allie your desired username if you choose to accept the position.
    The GM's who asked to be resigned, please PM Allie to confirm your resignation. If you don't send a PM to her in a week time it will be an automatically demotion.

    Welcome Our New GM!
    September 27, 2013, 12:32:09 AM by Selene
    Views: 43081 | Comments: 31

    BoutCheetah has a new GM! - GM Max!


    If you have any questions, feel free to ask him.

    Community Poll - Results
    September 23, 2013, 10:57:19 PM by Allie
    Views: 82391 | Comments: 60

    We have closely looked at your feedback, and have decided to go ahead with both updates (although on a smaller scale).

    We are going to first update sector. This will probably include things ranging from two to four new maps, to removing the 65535 xp cap, allowing you guys to level much faster.

    After the sector update is released (planned for about two weeks from now), we will begin on the base update. With this update we'll bring you guaranteed new features, although what they are are TBA, as the entire update is essentially a research project. Things that you may see from this update include multiple bases in a single game, new maps, and a rework of base/merc stats and ai.

    During the sector update, we will probably call upon a few of you base enthusiasts to help get started on the merc rework with Kenny while I continue on the sector update.

    We hope you guys are as satisfied with this decision as we were.

    Zylon Gaming Minecraft Server
    September 21, 2013, 11:21:27 PM by Purple | Views: 62651 | Comments: 88

    As some of you know a Minecraft server has been in the works for the past few days, well today I would like to announce that the Official Minecraft server for Zylon Gaming is going into an open beta.

    This means that the server is still new and we will likely encounter a few errors along the way, however I want to invite you to help build the town for spawn!

    Players that join in the beta will be able to help build the spawn town, being able to add a touch of their own building style to the town. Hopefully you join us in building a magnificent town for the server.

    The IP is:

    Just so you know, this is NOT a cracked Minecraft server, meaning you have to have a PAID Minecraft account to play.

    Bug Fixes - Raid Nerfs
    September 20, 2013, 04:22:56 PM by Allie
    Views: 46789 | Comments: 14

    We made multiple changes and fixes based on your feedback and we have changed the following:

    Raid-related updates/fixes:
    -Raids now have a Lv name next to them
    -Level 235 received a soft nerf of 10%
    -Slight rework to the stats of some mobs in both 235 and 221
    -Broken mobs from level 235 are now fixed
    -Broken block table from 235 is now fixed
    -Zeon's ai has been slightly increased - though he cannot defeat guard crush, he should be able to beat guns now
    -Raids will now give 2 boxes per map, up from 1
    -Raid parts now show their proper icons

    Non-raid-related bug fixes
    -Damage bug has (hopefully) been resolved
    -Level restrictions above level 221 has been extended
    -XP bug has been resolved

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