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      Raid update - Level increased!
      September 16, 2013, 11:27:13 AM by Allie
      Views: 61298 | Comments: 65

      A few new updates are now released:

      -The level cap is been increased to 270, 225 for non-members.
      -Raids 235, 250 have been released, aswell as a slight revamp of 221
      -Hackenn Ruins 1p has been removed, and replaced with a new 1p - Zeon has challenged you to a fight; dare to spar with the strongest mob ever created in BC

      We also fixed a few bugs and some small, insignificant updates behind the scenes.

      We're expecting bug duty for the entire week, so report any bugs you have.

      For only three lines, this update has taken us a full month! We hope you enjoy the fruit of our work, as our side projects while working on this have lead to many, many new features in the future!

      Warning - Everyone read
      September 07, 2013, 11:01:50 PM by Santa
      Views: 29474 | Comments: 17

      Another player has been sending people a key-logger through Skype in order to steal their login information for BoutCheetah.  I would suggest not running any programs that are unknown.  From this point on, if you choose to run it, I will not recover your account.


      Community Discussion/Poll - Next Patch(es)
      September 03, 2013, 07:30:11 AM by Allie
      Views: 75036 | Comments: 354

      So it may or may not be well hidden (I've given a ton of clues and even flat out mentioned) that our next update is coming.
      And it is big. I am here to prepare you all for the new update.

      We have been spending the last couple months studying our new engine and our new capabilities. We have been using these capabilities to make game changing updates that will be live in just a few days (discussed lower in the thread). You guys have shown me your potential, and I noticed your interest in the raid maps. You guys came together as a community with multiple grinding groups for Hackenn Ruins.

      We am pleased to say that within the next few days, two new 8p raid maps will be released. These two raid maps are incredibly difficult, and will require a very coordinated group of well geared players to complete (note that this patch will buff Hackenn Ruins to remove grindability). With this, the 1p of Hackenn Ruins will be removed, but replaced with a new solo fight that will definitely challenge your potential! While it has no rewards, it is possibly the biggest breakthrough of a fight we have discovered, and we can't wait to see you guys complete it (if you can get anywhere near its completion). Details on this fight will be revealed on patch day.

      To commemorate these new raid maps, we will be increasing the level cap to a large 270 for members, 225 for non-members! This will allow all non-members the chance to access the first tier of raid, along with all the current content for all members. Meanwhile, members get to go for the near-impossible challenge of the 113M 270 cap!

      In addition to these raid maps, we am tweaking the gearing scale. While it will be the same challenge to get to Elektra+7/T3, getting gear above Elektra will require running the three raids - Hackenn Ruins (221), X (235), X (250) (hidden for spoiler). The items received from this mode are untradeable, and only one box will drop per map. However, this raid gear is far superior to your standard T3 overload -- while it doesn't give the 40% XP bonus, the 250 raid gear will increase your power by (up to) 4! Worry not though, because in PvP scenarios this gear will cap down to prevent overpowered raiders.

      But a major discussion I am here to talk to you about is simple, where do we go from here?
      The patch is but days away, with only ends to tie up. This is a big step towards my vision for this game, but I'm not making it alone. Seven different people took part in this update over the last month, from mods to raid design. But seven people do not speak for the entire community. This big change will require a lot of big feedback. After this patch, we will be closely monitoring your feedback, and we want all of you to give as much as you can.

      And, as a poll, we are (were) currently debating in staff what to do after this next patch. Updating as is, all you members will have the option to grind as much as you can, but the highest sector will remain at 239 (Jura's Requiem). After this patch, we offer you two options, and I'd like the community to voice its opinion. Both options are viable, and one or the other will be released in the next patch (likely with some other stuff added).

      First, we could add four new sector maps. Specifically, level 231 (Kyura's Requiem), level 258 (Gora's Requiem), level 264 (Ryura's Requiem), and level 276 (Zeon's Requiem). These sectors will give experience following the pattern I set out for the rest of the levels. It is important to mention that raids will no longer give a significant amount of xp reward. These will follow suit similar to how Jura's Requiem was, however the difficulty will be toned down significantly (due to raid mode declared as the game's primary challenging content).

      Alternatively, we offer you a base update. This update will consist of a new rankings system for PvP and BvB, merc and mob rebalancing, aswell as a couple new maps with the ability to have multiple bases each! That's right, your team will each have more than 1 base, and your goal is to kill all of your opponents bases, rather than one. Following this path will shift focus off sector for awhile, allowing adequate leveling time.

      We await your feedback! Please let us know where you'd like to see this game in a few months!

      Survival nerf
      August 25, 2013, 04:12:00 PM by Allie
      Views: 44008 | Comments: 20

      XP/gigas/gp from survival has been nerfed 30%.

      Updates - August 23rd 2013
      August 24, 2013, 01:58:12 AM by Selene
      Views: 38062 | Comments: 29


      1.) Website speed has been improved.
      2.) Cleaned up the data base.
      3.) Upgrading to the latest version of smf 1.1 - which will allow us to upgrade to smf 2.0 in the near future.


      1.) Bugs that are not noticeable to players have been fixed.
      2.) Players post counts have been recalculated to be exact.


      1.) High/Low guild command on website now work.
      2.) Announcements on "home page" didn't show, but now have been resolved.
      3.) Recents Posts that were showing "No posts were found" have been resolved.

      In other news: Expodite has been shut down as of 8/21/2013.

      If you find anything else, please let us know.


      BoutCheetah Wiki
      August 12, 2013, 06:31:07 PM by Santa
      Views: 28398 | Comments: 23

      Over the past couple months we have been deciding what players are worthy of helping to make the BoutCheetah Wiki. We have chosen the following players:

      - Purple
      - Cooky
      - Toast
      - JustRK
      - Selene
      - Ross
      - Meteor
      - Jeff

      Those players we have selected please PM your desired username and password to me.

      Updates - 8/2/2013
      August 02, 2013, 01:52:15 PM by Santa
      Views: 38788 | Comments: 20

      Bug Fixes

      1.) Double hitting players due to lag in PvP is now resolved.
      2.) Anti-Chaining has been added back to PvP and BvB, except even better than it once was.
      3.) Fixed 1p / 8p sector map's monsters displaying incorrect health / higher health during the first round.
      4.) Level 1 Klez has been re-sized back to the normal size again.
      5.) Returning to the Login Screen small bug while having custom dialogs open for room tags. (Noone probably noticed)
      6.) Kicked out of room small bug while having custom dialogs open for room tags. (Noone probably noticed)
      7.) Removed items that showed 'this item doesn't exist' when you tried purchasing them from the in-game shop.
      8.) Stat Screen crash bug has been fixed.

      New Stuff

      1.) If your account is banned by the staff, when you try logging into your account it will show the Reason you were banned, and the Date you will be unbanned.
      2.) You can now examine your own bot in the lobby.

      (If you find anything in this post to be incorrect, please let me know, and I will do my best to resolve the situation.)


      Trial pay should now work for zylon shop coins now
      July 28, 2013, 02:09:46 PM by Santa
      Views: 18556 | Comments: 11

      After having conversations with Trial Pay, it seems I was able to get it up and working for Zylon Shop Coins.  Please test it out and see if it works.  You can use their mobile payments page, credit card page, and surveys to obtain zylon shop coins.  If none of those work, then you can always try PayPal.


      Updates - July 14th 2013
      July 14, 2013, 04:23:07 PM by Santa
      Views: 48018 | Comments: 25

      Bug Fixes
      Several crash bugs have been resolved.  There might be a few more that need further investigation, but if your client gets a 'bout.dat has stopped working' error message after this update, please let me know what game mode you were in, and what you were doing when the error message popped up.

      1.) Meto Merc has been renamed to MetoBlade.
      2.) We have added missing icons to some parts.  Example: Block Head, 107 Elite sets.


      New Mods - 2013
      July 06, 2013, 09:30:54 PM by Allie
      Views: 40806 | Comments: 66

      After a week of voting, four mods have been decided upon.


      Congratulate our new mods, and for the four of you, please PM me with your desired Mod name to accept your new position.

      Thanks for the apps, we received 37 of them this year.

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