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    1P & 8P - Event Prize 2013
    July 06, 2013, 08:55:49 PM by Selene
    Views: 52568 | Comments: 47

    The event prize has been gifted to your accounts.

    If you have completed both (1P & 8P) you would have received a permanent MetoBlade merc and if you only completed one of them you would have received a 1 year MetoBlade. They can also be traded.

    Enjoy your prize!

    Vote for our new BC icon!
    June 16, 2013, 12:14:39 PM by Meteor
    Views: 84231 | Comments: 36

    The time has come to change BoutCheetah's icon (the one that appears on the system tray and on the game window). After working out two designs for it we have decided to leave it up to you, the community, to decide which one it will be.
    Make your votes people!
                                                             V1                                                                                                            V2 (WINNER)

    Zylon Shop Changes (DISCOUNT)
    June 15, 2013, 04:08:52 AM by Allie
    Views: 32916 | Comments: 27

    Hello players,

    We in administration have decided to add a temporary 30% discount to the Zylon shop. We have also added TrialPay to the Zylon Shop to allow free Zylon Coins similar to our Trialpay method of membership. You can also use the SMS mobile payment "Zong" to purchase Zylon Coins by clicking on the Trial Pay option. Surveys are still available for those who  prefer doing them. Furthermore, we have added a option to transfer existing items in your Zylon Shop Inventory to another players Zylon Shop Inventory.

    Discount will end on July 5th, 2013. Happy buying!

    Hackenn Ruin 1p & 8p Completion videos
    June 09, 2013, 08:18:35 PM by Yz
    Views: 20389 | Comments: 15

    8p by
    Allie, Yz, Kenny, MedChill, Rossbach, Max, -Ares-, CodePurple & some earlier footage with Angrod
    8p Hackenn Ruin

    First 1p completion by Rossbach
    1p Hackenn Ruin

    Like, comment, subscribe etc.

    & Thanks to Cooky for helping me make the vid.

    Seeking a new In-Game Moderator
    June 08, 2013, 08:33:48 PM by Selene
    Views: 35977 | Comments: 78


    We are offering the chance for anyone to apply to be a moderator. We currently have selected one candidate and are looking for another. Please submit a well-written application with your abilities and experience. To apply, simply PM Allie.

    If you don't want to follow the format we have provided below you can make your own template.
    All applications must be Pm'ed to Allie before June 20th. Applications will be auto denied after that date.

    How long have you played BoutCheetah:
    How much do you know about BoutCheetah:
    Why should you be an in-game moderator:

    Make sure that you have written a detailed application outlining your qualifications. It should be neat and organized. We will announce the two new Moderators at the end of June.

    Best of luck!

    Updates - June 8th 2013
    June 08, 2013, 02:53:18 PM by Yz
    Views: 19216 | Comments: 12

    Hackenn Ruin map has been added in single player & eight player raid mode. On 8p it's an extremely difficult map that requires the upmost coordination with your team with every bot type being a necessity.

    Death Hunter merc & Jack Head have been successfully added to the OP tag.
    Story Mode bug has been patched.

    Let us know if we left out anything or if there's any issues, thanks guys.

    Updates - June 5th 2013
    June 05, 2013, 09:17:23 PM by Yz
    Views: 38091 | Comments: 17

    - Sector EXP was reverted to its older rates before the guild wipe. In other words it has been permanently raised by x2.
    - Coins have been reintroduced to Sector at the same rates as before, however they will no longer be affected by multipliers.
    - The Gigas rate has reverted to its older rates and will also remain unaffected by multipliers.

    The servers EXP rates will also be doubled until Saturday, so enjoy your x2 EXP!


    Make sure to like the Facebook pages so you can keep on-top of the news and updates before they're even posted on forum~

    Zylon Gaming


    BoutCheetah / Zylon Facebook revivals
    June 04, 2013, 06:39:56 PM by Yz
    Views: 9378 | Comments: 9

    We'll probably be doing more updates on the BC one which is brand new, so give it a like.
    The BoutCheetah FB page will be updated with news, events and all the happenings in BoutCheetah. I'm also going to post about things currently going on in the game like full PvP/BvB rooms or player sponsored events, so make sure you like it to keep up with everything.

    Experimental payment option has been added
    May 25, 2013, 01:08:54 AM by Santa
    Views: 21419 | Comments: 25

    We are currently testing a new method of obtaining membership.  It's similar to what Acclaim used, called Trial Pay.

    If you need membership, and you cannot use PayPal, please test out this new option so we can see how effective it is.  Please note, I have not setup an automated system for it yet, meaning once you complete the survey you will have to wait for us to manually add it to your account which can take up to 24 hours, but would usually take around 15-30 minutes depending on if we are online.

    If everything goes well, we will be adding an automated system for this, and adding it to the zylon shop as a method of obtaining Zylon Shop Coins.

    If any error codes occur while testing, please take a screenshot, or copy and paste the errors so I can get them worked out.

    Thanks Everyone,

    Updates - April 23rd 2013
    April 23, 2013, 03:09:16 AM by Santa
    Views: 47143 | Comments: 114


    1.) Room tags have been replaced with check boxes in-game to disable / enable them.
    2.) Coins have been added to trade.
    3.) The @suicide command in-game has been changed to a button in the bottom right of the screen.
    4.) The @exit command in-game has been changed to a button in the bottom right of the screen.
    5.) To view the tags enabled in every room from the lobby, hover over the room you want to check, and it will show which tags are enabled.
    6.) The drop down list for create a room has been modified to hold the following game modes: "Sector, Survival, Story, Individual PvP, Team PvP, Stake, Elimination, Timed, Tag and Base".
    7.) A brief description of each game mode is now shown on the create a room dialog to help users chose which game mode they would like to play. (It changes when you change the selected game mode from the list).
    8.) A Transfer room master button has been added to the left of the kick/lock slot button in the room.
    9.) The lobby gui/trade gui has been redone to fix small pixel errors that were noticeable if you looked closely.
    10.) Kills required to enter any given tier have been reduced by 30%.
    11.) XP reward from survival has been reduced by 20%.
    12.) Elite parts' drop chance has been doubled.

    Bug Fixes

    1.) Change password button now works even if the original room master exits the room.
    2.) Relay server errors that Ross reported are now resolved.
    3.) Random crashes caused by invalid pointer access have been resolved.
    4.) Missing dx9_xx.dll error has been resolved.
    5.) Fraps / other programs that have overlays are now compatible with the client, and will not make it crash upon launching.
    6.) Null rooms have been resolved for good now.
    7.) +7 flash color has been fixed.


    1.) Coins are no longer obtainable in sector.
    2.) Coins are no longer given as member coins.
    ^ We did the following to decrease the amount of coins in the game.  Plus this will raise the value of gigas in the game.  Once the game's economy has stabilized, we will slowly introduce coins back into the game.
    3.) We have added a tax of 1% on all trade / gifts of gigas.
    4.) We have added a tax of 3% on all marketplace transactions.
    5.) Transformation coupons have been removed from the in-game shop.

    Zylon Shop

    1.) New items have been added.
    2.) Current item times have been modified, to make for a more fair and worthwhile purchase.
    3.) Some item prices have been modified.

    Please report any and all bugs you may find from this update here, and I will resolve them as quickly as I can!


    Edit - 4/23/2013:

    Some players have been experiencing lag from this update, this issue has now been resolved.

    Some tags do not have proper checks to be allowed to be turned on - This has been resolved 4/28/2013

    The lobby list lags for a split second when changing between pages / game modes. - This has been resolved 4/28/2013

    The quick join button for PvP sometimes does not work. - This will be fixed in an upcoming release!

    Edit - 4/28/2013:

    Disconnection issues in trade - This issue has been resolved 4/28/2013

    Disconnection issues when finishing a game (on stat screen) - This issue has been resolved 4/28/2013

    Being able to lock a slot with a person in it - This issue has been resolved 4/28/2013

    When transferring room master to another player, and you pressed the kick button, the client would not respond until about 30 seconds - This issue has been resolved 4/28/2013

    When transferring room master to another player, and you pressed the start button, the client would not respond until about 30 seconds - This issue has been resolved 4/28/2013

    A bug with create a room that ross found - This issue has been resolved 4/28/2013

    When creating an elimination or timed pvp game, and setting the respawn time / total time it would show as number * 1000 in the lobby list when hovering over the room (E.G. if the respawn time was set to 10 seconds, it would show 10000) - This issue has been resolved 4/28/2013

    A major problem with windows 8 causing the client to not run in full screen (Crashing). - This issue has been resolved 4/28/2013

    The play/wait image, room level have been modified to be perfectly centered. - 4/28/2013

    The stake amount for when hovering over it in the lobby now shows as "1,234,567" instead of "1234567".  Thanks to matt for helping make that possible <3<3<3<3<3<3<3. - 4/28/2013

    Error handling has been added to all of the new and existing content to help us better fix problems in the future and now.  If you encounter a new error message, please be sure to write down the Error Code starting in 0x.

    The elimination / timed mode score screen has been added back to the game!

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