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Warning users

Started by Santa, June 20, 2011, 12:52:14 AM

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If you have tried any type of program, not created by Zylon Gaming to login using your account information, then your account has probably been hacked, or is going to be hacked.  I am making this message as a warning to prevent future account hackings.  If you believe you have indeed fallen victim to this, please go to your Profile -> Account Related Settings, and change your password.  Also, change your password on your e-mail if it is the same.  I will not recover stolen / hacked accounts anymore.  It's too much work bothering with it.  So, if you believe your account's security is at risk, try using a random password like this "kQi7HnrB1hZ3".  That will keep any hacker at bay.

Have a wonderful day.


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