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Regarding the Staff Guild

Started by Allie, July 01, 2011, 01:39:34 AM

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I've decided that it was for the best of the community to revert the guild decision to what it was previously - I went about this the wrong way, and I apologize for that.

This doesn't mean I don't have the full intention to pull everyone into the staff guild, however. I will just be doing so in a less forceful and un-noticed way.

When the time comes, I will ask that you cooperate as I will individually go through each of the staff members (Opti and Lyric already are in the staff guild) and set a new account to your staff's level, giving it the armor your staff account does (effectively "duplicating" it, though without any staff advantages). I will then individually simply change the ID in the guild to the new one so you will retain every GP you had on your staff account.

If you are highly against this, you should tell me now, I will help you understand why I am doing this, and if I cannot, then I will not move you into the staff guild (if it bothers you to that point).

Here are four simple points to give an idea as to why I decided on this:

1. A staff guild provides organization: all staff (respectively in-game mods and GMs, not forum moderators) can be found in one universal guild; thus disallowing the ability to fake a GM account (as if they're not in the guild, "Zylon Staff", then they are not in the Zylon Staff).

2. This allows the ability for a GM and/or Mod to abuse their staff items as much as they please, as it will not give any advantage or disadvantage to one of the main points of the game; Guilds.

3. I have seen arguments of "My guild has three staff members, and yours only has one, therefore my guild is better than yours." This can no longer happen when all staff members are in one universal guild.

4. This allows for a separation of work and play: the alternate accounts of the staff member is for play whilst the staff account of the member is for work (meaning staff members may play without the burden of having to help everyone whilst on their staff accounts, but also have their staff accounts to help players with staff privileges).

I have posted this in the Announcements as I feel this has become a problem bigger than just staff; more players have become involved than just the staff in this issue - everyone should know the resolution.



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