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Started by Santa, September 04, 2010, 02:53:31 PM

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be respectful to people on the forum - hint (icecold and his family)

thank you.


Wow. Kenny this is unbelievably gay.

he started 70% of the fights. How much do I have to pay to become totally immune >_>
DISCORD killyzkill


just try to be nicer, he will not make any more rude comments. Let me call this the peace treaty.


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Sure thing, as long as there isn't any pandering going on. Staff members aren't supposed to bend over backwards for someone who tries to antagonize the rest of the community - if a rule is broken or an argument is instigated, we should be allowed to act accordingly; i.e., lock or move threads when needed.


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I'd like to feel that this thread is mainly posted towards myself... Seeing as how I was one of the people who fought them the most.

If I have to agree to this, I am going to ask you that I will comply on one condition, that a PUBLIC apology is provided from ICECOLD and his (son) jayslash... A treaty works both ways.

/ Inspired by CJ, who was made to apologise for flaming.
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