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Guess what..

Started by Santa, November 13, 2011, 12:04:48 AM

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November 13, 2011, 12:04:48 AM Last Edit: November 15, 2011, 02:14:53 PM by Santa
Hello everyone, just informing those who were hacked that are on the following list to PM me immediately on a new account stating which account in the list is yours.  Keep in mind, I will be doing checks that you actually own the account, so if you claim an account that indeed does not belong to you, you will be permanently banned along with the hacker who stole the accounts.  All of the accounts below have been locked to prevent further thefts.  Please allow up to 1 week for us to process your request, as we are very busy with other things at the moment.

Highly likely hacked account names:
1.) rex995
2.) eco999
3.) leoncio12
4.) lorenzoboy8
5.) shea123
6.) kimba112
7.) pololopo
8.) kylemike23
9.) james746
10.) snkmzq
11.) mpm456
12.) may123
13.) kylemike12
14.) cropolite
15.) pinguin3002
16.) kamikaze001
17.) irinamaria02
18.) coseoner
19.) ultrat98
20.) waterboss
21.) editkara
22.) ultrat1998
23.) lordgegi

Could be the "account stealer's" accounts, but I will check further if you pm me about it:
1.) jonax007
2.) boxiang
3.) dante5398
4.) og  (This appears to be the main account that everything stolen was sent to.)

This is being made to warn future people who plan on giving their account information to people, signing up on websites with the same info, or using hack devices that say they give you free stuff.  Further investigation will take place regarding this at a later date.  Just remember, if your account name is on the list above, please let me know.


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