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Signature of the Week - Information Thread

SOTW is short for "Signature of the Week". It is a small competition where GFX'ers in BoutCheetah can create signatures, and enter them against other members. This is a way of seeing who the top GFX'er is.


1.0 - Rules
  • 1.1 - General Rules
  • 1.2 - Voting Rules
2.0 - Phases
  • 2.1 - Discussion Thread
  • 2.2 - Voting Thread
4.0 - Rankings
5.0 - Tags
6.0 - GOTM

1.0 - Rules

1.1 - General Rules

  • There will be a theme each week, and your signature must match the theme - Whether or not your signature matches will be decided by the hosts.
  • You may only enter one signature per week.
  • You may not reveal who made a signature.
  • You must use your own work - Breaking this rule will result in a 4 week ban from SOTW.
  • You may not use a signature created before the competition for that week has started.
  • You may not have your name on the signature, or anything that could show you created it. Save the psd, and add it later.
  • You may not enter a signature that has been a collaboration of multiple people.
  • In order to enter your signature, send a Private Message to each host (antisickness, Meteor, hawk5005, Nucleaon, or iwasbobo), containing the created signature.

1.2 - Voting Rules

  • You may only vote ONCE.
  • You may not change your vote.
  • You may not vote for your own work.

2.0 - Phases

2.1 - Discussion Thread

The first phase will consist of a discussion thread. It will contain the theme of that week's competition, as well as the general rules for every SOTW. At this point, competitors are able to create their signatures, and enter them into the SOTW by sending them to each host (antisickness, Meteor, hawk5005, Nucleaon, or iwasbobo). Do not post your signatures in this thread, or anywhere else, other than to send a Private Message to enter it. Later on, you may create a new thread to show your work, but wait until that week's event is over. The discussion thread may also be used to suggest a theme for the next week, however we will not inform you of the theme until next week's competition begins, to prevent signatures from being made beforehand. The discussion phase will begin on Sunday, and end on Saturday. All times will be GMT 0.

2.2 - Voting Thread

The second phase will consist of a voting thread. It will contain all entered signatures, as well as the voting rules for every SOTW. At this point, voting commences. Post the signature you're voting for. Be certain; you can't change your vote once you've already posted! At the end of the time frame (48 hours), the signature with the most votes for it will be the winner, and the signature's creator will get a tag to show their victory. As well, the winner will receive one point for themselves in the rankings, and one point for their team (if they are part of one), and will get a tag. Half way through the voting stage, the next SOTW will begin, but that doesn't mean the voting phase is over! The voting phase will begin Saturday morning, and end Monday morning. All times will be GMT 0.

4.0 - Rankings

For every SOTW that a person wins, they receive a point towards the rankings. In the SOTW Leaderboard thread, all winners of past SOTW's and their signatures will be archived, as well as their total points. Points are permanent; there is no way to lose them unless a win is proven to have violated the rules, in which case the runner-up will receive the win and the point.

5.0 - Tags

The winner of each SOTW will be given a tag, which they can wear proudly, displaying their victory. It will contain their name, the signature, and the SOTW that they won. Here is an example:

6.0 - GOTM

GOTM (or GFX'er of the Month) is the award given to those who have attended each and every SOTW within the given month. It must be from week 1 to the last week. Placements, i.e 1st place, do not matter. The reason being is that the award is given for acknowledgeable improvement. A unanimous decision will be made with the hosts and, on rare occasions, the winner of GOTM may not have attended all 3 of the SOTWs in the given month. The tag itself features the winners tags throughout the weeks so it is vital that he/she has attended the weeks.

Hope you enjoy the SOTW competition here at BoutCheetah! Good luck to all competitors! And...

Let the games begin!
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