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Started by Selene, January 10, 2013, 08:01:25 PM

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January 10, 2013, 08:01:25 PM Last Edit: November 08, 2013, 03:24:22 PM by Selene
Here's a few answers to questions you may have.


  • Account Hacked
  • Blocking Someone
  • Bot-Stract
  • Launcher
  • Membership
  • Reporting Rule Breaker
  • SnowBalls
  • Stake
  • Story Mode
  • Survival
  • Zylon Shop
  • Other Questions And Answers

Account Hacked

Q: What would I do if I got hacked?

A: You could either PM Admin Allie or make a topic regarding that you've been hacked.

Q: Would I get my items back if I got hacked (not including selling or buying an account)?

A: Yes, you would get your account back if you legitimately got your account hacked.

Q: What do you mean "If I legitimately got my account hacked"?

Q: Means if you didn't give your account information out.

Q: Do I have to follow a specific format?

A: Yes, you would have to follow a specific form. Format below:

QuoteThe account name that was hacked (The name you login with):
How the hacker got access to your account:
Your current ISP (Internet Service Provider):
Were you selling your account and or letting a friend use it?:
Do you currently have access to the account or is the password changed?:

Q: Why do I need to follow the format?

A: It will give us the necessary information to help recover your account.

Q: If I bought an account from someone and the seller hacked it back, would I be able to receive my items and account back?

A: If you gave us enough proof (ie format) and we confirmed that the person who sold you the account took it back, you will obtain your account, however you will not be able to get any of your items back.

Q: What if I let someone share my account and they stole it from me?

A: If someone steals your account then we can't help you, it's your responsibility.

Blocking Someone

Q: How do I block someone?

A: Settings > Block > Add > OK.

Q: How do I unblock someone?

A:  Settings > Block > Click player name > Delete > OK.

Q: What does blocking someone do?

A: Blocking someone means the player(s) cannot whisper you and you will not see him/her chat in the lobby; however, the player(s) can chat with you in a Sector/PvP/BvB room. It also disallows that person to trade / add as friend / send guild join requests.

Q: Why do players block other players?

A: Players usually block players when they feel threatened/scared, are repeatedly being spammed, flamed, and for other reasons.

Q : Why not just report the players instead of blocking the player?

The staff might not see the report for a while and the player who is bugging you might not stop. In a sense, it is better to block him/her until we see your report.

Q: Should I report the player when I block him/her?

Yes, you should report the player because he/she might go on to someone else and start bugging him/her. We would speak to the player who has been causing the trouble and warn them to stop.

Q: How many players can I block?

A: You can block up to 50 players.


Q: What is Bot Stract?

A: Bot-Stract is now used as "fuel".  Simply put, Bot-Stract boosts your stats, but will diminish by 0.7% after every game, but only if you choose to use it. There is a command in-game that enables/disables Bot-Stract's bonuses, and if disabled will not remove any Bot-Stract after your game. It is enabled by default, but a warning message will display for those who have it enabled upon login, along with the command to enable/disable it.

Q: How do you obtain Bot-Stract?

A: You can purchase 10k Bot Stract directly from the shop. It is available in the Special section of the shop for 5 Million (5,000,000) gigas or from PvP.

Q: Bot Stract Color Values?

  • Blue = 1
  • Orange = 10
  • Yellow = 100
  • Pink = 1000

Q: Can you sell Bot-Stract?

A: No, you cannot sell Bot-Stract.


Q: How do I change my screen mode?

A: Open your launcher > Setting > Screen Mode > Save.

Q: How would I be able to change my font?

A: Launcher > Setting > Font > Save.

Q: How do I repair my client?

A: Launcher > Setting > Repair Client > Warning Message > Yes or No.


Q: How do I purchase membership on the Shadow Lurking Forum?

A: You will see "Membership" at the top centre.

Q: How do I purchase membership on the Green Theme forum?

A: Game Content > Membership. Link:

Q: Is there a command that I can type in-game to see the benefits of membership?[/b]

A: Simply type this in-game: @memberbenefits.

Q: Is there a way I can become a member without paying?

A: Yes, If you complete a survey, you will have to wait until Admin Allie or Admin Santa to manually add it to your account.

Q: How long is this "free membership" for?

A: It's for a month.

Q: Is there forum benefits?

A: 1. Members are able to set a "Custom Title," that is displayed under the users forum name.
   2. Members are able to delete their own topics.
   3. Says "Member," under their Custom Title.
   4. Members have a purple star under their user title.

Q: What if I am above level 172 and I cancelled my membership, would I stay that above level?

A: If you are above level 172 and cancel your membership, your level will go back to level 172.

Q: Would my level change with the current experience I have?

A: If you become a member your level will change to the level you should be at with your current experience.

Q: How do I cancel my membership subscription?

A: Log in to PayPal.
   Go into your Profile.
   Click on My Preapproved Payments.
   Select the membership you want to cancel.
   Press cancel! Simple.

Q: Do I get 2x exp during the week if I am a member?

A: 200% for x2 member

Reporting Rule Breaker

Q: What should I do if I spot a rule breaker?

A: Report it in the section "Report a Rule Breaker" with proof as well. Link:
Q: Why do I need to provide proof?

A: Without proof, there is no way to be sure if the person violated the rule. No one will ever be punished unless the staff is sure they know the person broke the rule. It must also be provided to prevent people from lying to get people in trouble.

Q: Why is there a Normal and Low Rate Section?

A: The Normal Server section is only for reporting players in the "High Channel" and the Low Rate Server Section is for reporting players in the "Low Channel".

Q: Why is there a Staff Member Section?

A: If a Staff Member breaks a rule you can report him/her.

Q: Why does the Staff Member Section get locked right away?

A: These complaints aren't intended for debate/discussion by non-staff community members. The player's initial post will be reviewed by one or several alternate staff members and a decision will be made upon a consensus.


Q: What are Snowballs?

A: Snowballs are redeemable for one day of membership. You many redeem more than one at a time. If you have 3 snowballs you will receive 3 days membership.

Q: How do I redeem a Snowball?

A: Game Content > Events > Christmas > Redeem.

Q: Where can I buy Snowball(s)?

A: You can buy Snowballs in the Zylon Shop for the value of 100 Zylon coins.


Q: How does Stake work?

A: Stakes  - this is a room name tag for Individual PvP, where you can set the stake by pressing the ready button, and everyone who enters must ready to join the stake. The winner of the match will get the entire stake pot, and the losers will lose their entry fee.

Q: Can you suicide/exit during a Stake match?

A: Yes, you can leave or suicide during a Stake match. Consequently, if you leave or suicide you will lose your gigas.

Story Mode

Q: What's the point of Story Mode?

A: Story Mode allows you to go through all the maps, one by one, in consecutive order. To play this mode, simply click "Rule" and it will show you different room modes and you will see "Stake" .


Q: How does Survival work?

A: -Survival can be accessed by clicking the "Rule".
   -Survival does not have an end, even if you manage to wipe out every mob (only really possible in Survival Level 1).
   -Every Survival map has a timer of 99 minutes.

Q: Would I get more EXP if I killed more Mobs?

A: Yes, you would get more EXP by killing more Mobs.

Q: Would I get more gigas if I killed more Mobs?

A: Yes, you would get more gigas by killing Mobs.

Q: Has EXP from Survival reduced?

A: EXP reward from survival has been reduced by 20%.

Q: Has kills required to enter any given Tier reduced?

A: 10.) Kills required to enter any given tier have been reduced by 30%.

Zylon Shop

Q: What is the Zylon Shop?

A: Zylon Shop is where players can buy items for real money.

Q: How do I buy an item from the Zylon Shop?

A:  Go to Zylon Shop > Buy Zylon Coins (Select an option) > Buy Items > Zylon Inventory (Withdraw it) > Choose where you would like the item to go.

Q: Can I buy Zylon Coins for someone else, if so how?

A: Go to Zylon Shop > Buy Zylon Coins > Purchase Zylon Coins For Someone Else > Enter Account Name > Purchase.

Q: Will it tell me how much more Zylon Coins I have left?

A: You will see the amount at the top of the "Buy Items".

Other Questions And Answers

Q: Does Tier armor give you EXP bonuses?

A: 140% for tier set

Q: Has Sector EXP been cut in half?

A: Yes, it has been cut in half since the guild wipe.

Q: What does it mean by "No Multi-Clienting"?

A: Simply put, it means that a player is not allowed to run two or more simultaneous game clients, regardless of medium.

Q: When does double EXP and triple EXP become active?

A: On Friday and Saturday it is 3x EXP and on Sunday it is 3x EXP.

Q: What is the maximum level for Non-Member and for Members?

A: For Non-Members it is 225 and for Members it is 270.

Q: How much % does a guild buff give?

A: 130% for guild buff

Q: If I got scammed would I get a refund?

A: No, you will not be refunded.

Q: How do I become a Moderator?

A: To become a Moderator, you have to earn it by being active and making contributions to the community. These contributions consist of, but are not limited to:  
   -Reporting rule breakers
   -Making helpful posts
   -Showing an understanding of the rules through good behavior.

Q: How do I become a GameMaster (GM)?

A: To become a GameMaster (GM), you must first be promoted to a Moderator or a Forum Moderator. If you show that you are a good, trustworthy Moderator, you may be promoted to a GM.

Q: If I get banned for Hacking or Hacker-Leeching and I have membership would I be able to get my money back?

A: No, you will not be able to get your money back as you made the choice to go into a room with a hacker or made the choice to hack.

Q: Is there a tax in Marketplace?

A; We have added a tax of 3% on all marketplace transactions.

Q: Is there a tax on trade and gifts?

A: We have added a tax of 1% on all trade / gifts of gigas.

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