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Tier 3 question

Started by Thornz, May 01, 2013, 07:14:45 PM

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So if a bunch of boxes drop in the t1 zone on 219, and I wait to grab them until t3 zone, do they have a chance of being t3? Or do they have to drop AFTER you reach t3? (except for the rare occurance of getting t3 in t2 ofc...)

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If they haven't changed it in the big update the box has to drop on t3 to have t3.

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if it drops in t1 and you wait it can have a chance to change to t3 or t2.


no i think not
u can always try it in lv 1 survival (t3 zone's 180 kills i think)
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No then it would be WAY to easy


This was thought by many but I don't think it is or was ever the case. Before the update it seemed this way because you could obtain T2 on T1 stage and T3 on T2 stage. So when people waited until T2 to get the boxes they were already T2. I believe this has been fixed but if you notice that you are getting higher Tier boxes than you should it's most likely this.


I got full t2 on t1 zone, so maybe you can get full t3 on t2 zone
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Last time when I was playing 219, a bunch of boxes were dropped in T1 / T2 zone.
I left them there because I believed that it was possible to get a T3 if I picked it up in T3 zone.
After passing the codes wave, I combo 3 kows together and 1 of it dropped a arm box and I got T3 arm (I was in T2 zone)
Then I killed 3 more kows and I reached T3 zone. I quickly ran to those boxes and I got T3 body and head.

and dont be mad that I got a whole set in 1 game lolol, and you filled up your inven with T1 parts for 5 times.
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Yep thats true , i have my t2 set from grinding for gps on 219 lv.I remember that when i played {s} before the big update it was droping tier 2 items on tier 1 zone so nothing has changed about that xD About that t3 stuff on tier zone 2 , i don't think its possible, after all its tier 3 ,the best items in the game so..It must be kinda hard to earn em :)
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