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Pushing in PvP

Started by matattmon, July 03, 2013, 10:42:26 AM

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Last time I played a match with someone in "infinity HP"  tag.
The only thing we could do was rushed the other person after knocking the other person down.
He succeeded everytime he pushed but it was almost impossible for me?
Everytime I pushed him after knocking him down, it would always be:
Never a straight line.
When he pushed me, it would always be a straight line:
He could be floated after he was knocked, and he landed after he stood up.
He was slot one, and I was slot 2.
Was this caused by connection lag?
IGN:--   Guild: ANARCHY



IGN:--   Guild: ANARCHY


The best way to rushpush is to rush down


You have to practice it. You're just not good enough at rush pushing so you miss. If you practice enough you'll push almost every time.


people used to always tell me it was lagg i guess so i couldent find out the amazing pvp trick on holodeck. But i knew in the back of my head that their was some trick to it but i never knew what it was. But because of this post i have successfully done it and have gotten a little better also.
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The person in slot 3 could be rush pushed, just the person in slot 1 could not be pushed
IGN:--   Guild: ANARCHY

Epic xD

pvp trick haha good one br0

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Quote from: matattmon on July 03, 2013, 11:47:04 AM
The person in slot 3 could be rush pushed, just the person in slot 1 could not be pushed
The slot has no importance.


July 03, 2013, 03:18:12 PM #9 Last Edit: July 03, 2013, 03:22:58 PM by Rossbach
The only time slots matter is in Sector, where the connection for the map is determined b the person in slot 1. However pvp is different.

The reason you are not pushing them strait is because you are not rushing then head on. You may of had some lag with him though, there was is a rendering problem so when you pushed that person on your screen, they were actually (in their screen) not there, so they did not get pushed. See this video to find out:



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