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Report a Rule Breaker Guide and Regulations (read first!)

Started by JustRK, May 07, 2014, 09:33:30 PM

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Welcome to the Report a Rule Breaker thread!

If you have not done so, please familiarize yourself with our In-Game Rules as well as our Forum Rules.

Please do not spam in this thread. We will only accept relevant and helpful submissions / replies; anything else will result in a user receiving a warning and their reply will be deleted.

How to Report a user In-Game:
1) Please use the persons IGN as the subject title of your post. This will also help other users from posting the same thing.
2) Provide solid proof by getting a video or screen shot of the user breaking the rules.
    a) for instances such as hacking or hack leeching, try to get a video of the whole game or if you cannot do this try and get a screen shot of the win screen as well as the room.

Here is an example of screen shots we are looking for when reviewing a report
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How to Report a user on the Forums:
1) This thread is mainly used for in-game and staff reports; please private message a staff member about your concern on the forums and we will address the matter appropriately

How to Report a Staff Member:
1) If you see any staff members breaking the rules in-game or on the forums please report them in the appropriate section using the same format as you normally would.
2) That staff member may receive a demotion.
3) Please do not report Allie, Santa or RedShadow. They own the game and can't be demoted.

Standard Ban Durations
These offenses will result in automatic ban length of Permanent;  Multiple Offenses Results in an IP Ban
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Introductory ban lengths; Repeating the offense can lead to a Permanent Ban
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Ban Lengths TBD
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