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[LOW SERVER]Ω Redtopia Ω - EXP and Luck Buffs

Started by Yz, December 18, 2014, 08:46:16 AM

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Redemption art on the High server thread

Ω Redemption Ω
we are Redemption. the people deprived of any type of soul or conscience. products of cynicism and apathy, spreading those very sentiments daily. Redemption is the hardened war veteran of BoutCheetah. We do not forgive or forget. we have seen things that defy explantions. heard stories that would make any god-fearing, law abiding citzen empty their stomach where they stand. we have experienced them multiple times and eagerly await their return.

here you will see a state of mind that exists in most human beings, but is rarely if ever shown. Redemption is alive and constantly changing. We are a subculture, a self-governing sect of the world. rich in history and foundation. to become one of Redemption is to speak a different language. to leave behind any methods of conventional thinking you once knew.

there are things here that you will not understand and things you never will understand. if you cannot accept this then GTFO now. because there is no turning back.

☀.: :: Utopia :: :.☀

☼ Utopia is spearheading the takeover of Low Server ☼

☼ Utopians all have 6 packs male and female ☼

☼ Redemption will sit tight in High, Utopia is the main and only planned guild for Low ☼

☼ Leaders ☼
Yz [mia]

☼ Utopia's Allies ☼

☼ The Rules ☼
-Be nice
-Be respectful
-Spread love
-No hacking
-No hack leeching

☼ Application Form ☼
:Are you an alt?: ( if you are u won't get in )

☼ Via PM ☼
Send a PM to Rez with the info from above

☼ Guild Events ☼
None for now

☼ Guild Players ☼

Guild Name: Redtopia
Guild Created: 2014-12-18 06:36:32
Guild Master: temp 2 Yz
Guild Points: 1123572
Guild Members: 20 out of 20

RDT Dab128551
GM Max46344
RDT WiFi27211
T Z E13399
OG yip1540
RDT JackDaw1438
RDT Memester958
temp 2 Yz378
GM Gramps72

☼ Utopia Userbars Art ☼






Lazy Lime Member

Voila Violet Member

T-Sizzle Teal Member

Rowdy Red Member


☼ Utopia Signatures Art ☼

Groundhog Grayscale Member

By Nucleaon

By Zomzom

By Muncay

By Max

By Angrod

By Meteor


Realizing Redemption was disbanded in the guild wipe of 2012 in Low, I went ahead and got Robo to make Redtopia. I probably won't play much like I haven't been on High, but since people have been wanting to play on Low and we didn't have a guild there.. well we made it.

Some things from the main post to note-

We have EXP buff, Luck buff, max co-leaders and max slots.

Redtopia is the only planned guild to be made on Low.

Rank 2 is still the goal for Utopia on High.

Also might make a little return to the game after Christmas.


i'll train people in low server :)

if you want to join, then post here or contact me in-game.
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IGN: Caustic

^thanks cooky <3
Quote from: Cooky on August 03, 2014, 12:05:07 AM
whats wrong with eating a sock




:IGN: Max
:Activity: Daily (though only high, unless bored or asked to go low)
:Specialty: Sector (only)
:Are you an alt?: (I have loads of alts, idk why, but never go on them, so I'm definitely a main, as I'm also GM.. -duh-)

IGN: GM Max | Level: 270 | Guild: Utopia


IGN: Caustic

^thanks cooky <3
Quote from: Cooky on August 03, 2014, 12:05:07 AM
whats wrong with eating a sock



I'll be on after 12hrs guys ;)
I will be on high/low :)
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IGN: Pro Lamp
Activity: Daily
Specialty: Sector and being gr8
Alt: No is main now

^yw allie


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^yw allie


guys dont start play alot at low now. we need get utopia 2nd place.
than we can do it but now we need u robo and lamp at ur utopia accs!! :)

IGN : PT Roy(270)/PT Royster(262)
Guild : Prestige/Legion


Quote from: Yz on December 18, 2014, 08:48:57 AMRank 2 is still the goal for Utopia on High.

don't worry we're prioritizing High server

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