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The PvP Gods

Started by Allie, October 08, 2015, 10:28:19 AM

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Now accepting requests for Jura.


Quote from: nanak tatum on January 10, 2016, 08:17:10 AM
Bot Type: Surge
Bot Level: 270
Time Zone: PST

You have to be the same bot type as the god, so you'll need to be a ram
Quote from: Materger
I am now an Oreos fan!
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Oreos was a failed project.


Adjusted the rules to reflect changes.
In addition, a reminder that if you do not include name in your request, you will be skipped.

Now accepting challenges for Ryura.


Bot Name: GM Vish
Bot Type: Patch
Bot Level: 270
Time Zone: GTM -5


Ryura is retained by default.
Now accepting challenges for Kyura.


Kyura "fights" are in 2 hours.
If no one else applies and ichimonji shows up, he'll win it by default as the previous kyura has been disqualified from participating.


bot name Baggies Cobra
bot tipe surge
bot lvl 256


Bot Name: Darcky
Bot Type: Surge
Bot Level: 270
IGN: Bad Darcky | Guild: Bad Influence


Bot Name: Man
Bot Type: Surge
Bot Level: 270
Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time (UTC -0500)


Now accepting challenges for Gora.


Gora fights are in an hour, no one currently signed up.
If no one signs up, Gora will return to me.


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IGN : Darcky
Bot type : Surge
Lvl: 270
IGN: Bad Darcky | Guild: Bad Influence

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