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Selling all these

Started by Energized, December 10, 2015, 04:57:56 PM

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Selling these items for items on High channel, offer whatever for whatever.


I offer a reaper set in high for yours and I have 20m gigas in low if interested for the other purple reaper also I have 900k coins in high if u want to trade for 900k in low if so you can find me as OG God Kush in high or DesertEagle in low plus the ones in my description
IGN's High: OG Aguila (Silence), OG God Kush (Silence II), PT AGUILA

IGN's Low: RDT Aguila (Redtopia), DesertEagle

My Shop:;channel=0;ma=viewshop;shop=4911205

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