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PvP noobs

Started by sasuke6548, January 02, 2016, 05:23:50 PM

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PvP you noobs. Help me get back into this game.


Quote from: sasuke6548 on January 02, 2016, 05:23:50 PM
PvP you noobs. Help me get back into this game.

Just get into it
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Quote from: aimiyonde on January 13, 2016, 04:17:04 AM
You can honestly be an average pvper and be better than 80% of the server.

sounds like someone doesnt understand the word "average"


Quote from: Allie on January 13, 2016, 04:22:14 AM
sounds like someone doesnt understand the word "average"
that would actually depend on what group he takes his total from. If he's talking about the people that have played more than X games of pvp making him average that way which he then compares himself to the entirety of boutcheetah then his statement wouldnt really be incorrect. The way he set it up however, doesn't really allude to this.


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Quote from: aimiyonde on January 13, 2016, 04:17:04 AM
I think the skill gap is something that's rendering PvP useless. You can honestly be an average pvper and be better than 80% of the server. People just don't pvp, it's all sector sadly.
pvp metagame is super stagnant for older players
how 2 play pvp (even with le funny no TD xddd):
-maximize speed (i.e. pick surge)
that's how you win basically every match... the game engine is designed in such a way that if you play good defense, you will never lose. even though i wasn't really remembered as a good pvper in bots (moreso because i was impatient and tried to rush in too much because rush down can work well in bvb), i just stuck to this strategy here. the last time i played in a tournament, i 3-0'd imag (this was in 2014).

also, besides the fact that the engine for pvp is kinda... eh, there are also no real counterpicks. essentially, the only map played on is flop if you're "serious xd," which just gets stale. neo-data-cross just rewards campy play even more, and all the other maps are too gimmicky.

bvb metagame is better imo in that you need both offense and defense to win against really good players, but the stats in this game are too ridiculous to really have interesting bvb play. this is why nobody really good plays bvb either. also, bvb is more difficult to get into than pvp because there is much more going on and the skill gap between good players (there are none now) and everyone else is gigantic. honestly, for the people still playing this game, it is essentially impossible to become good at bvb because there are no good players to learn from and play with, which means that you're missing out on roughly 8 years of metagame (bvb died for good in like january 2014ish). figuring out 8 years of metagame in any game is essentially impossible if nobody who knows that metagame plays.

bvb can kinda (but not totally) get away with only having 1 viable map because all 3 bot types were viable (at least in the original bots server). you also have a large combination of mercs, which can keep the game fresh, too. there are more viable transformations (overrunner, khanz, lanternman, etc.), and there are more viable combinations for shoulders and shields. all those things change the gameplay significantly enough (imo) to make having only industrobe viable not be super boring.

-pvp is boring for experienced players because all you have to do is play defensively to win
-bvb is boring, too, and it is virtually impossible for new players to pick it up

i wish you luck in trying to learn how to play this game well lol

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