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Negative Stats and All-Item Stats Remake

Started by zidancy, April 22, 2016, 11:22:48 AM

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Just thinking, maybe items that have high stats should have drawbacks. Or maybe negative stats isn't possible or buggy. It would be nice to remake all items with this in mind. I don't completely agree with it though, because many players will protest. But just to give an idea or somewhat remind others who thought about it. And what if nerfing your own items would be your decision if it were implemented. For an OP item to be a little bit stronger, it will receive the negative stats. Or a compensation for converting your item to the remade stats. Or a forceful nerf. But then again it might be hopeless.


Negative Stats
Remake/Nerf All Items (especially OP Items)
Conversion to Remade/Nerfed Version be Owner's Decision
Compensation for Conversion

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