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How to revive pvp users

Started by lucas lopez, July 11, 2016, 07:44:20 AM

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lucas lopez

July 11, 2016, 07:44:20 AM Last Edit: July 11, 2016, 07:46:43 AM by lucas lopez
Hi guys

Nowadays boutcheetah's major part is certainly the sectoring

But many ppls including me want to pvp with other ppls.

So I think the shortage of contents is obviously cheetah's problem. All ppls do sectoring,I've never seen one room that opened in pvp rooms.

Past, we could talk each other like "who is the best", or "Who will win a victory?" Etc. I'm not talking about pvp event or smth. Imag, Reaper, Ninja, Nik, Allie.. ( I can't remember each name tho) many famous ppls were active, at that time I could feel real happiness from this game. And we always discuss who is the best pvp player. I really miss it.

So I want to tell admin please revive pvp games in bc!!!!

Sectoring is enough.Sector users just can keep playing in sector room.

And this is my thought, how to revive pvp games

First, we should know what is the pvp ppls. They are just like FPS game users or action game users. They want to fight and they want to get recognition. They like to discuss who is the best or which guild is best in pvp!! So , Admin. You can get them back if you give some privilege or some compensation.

Second, you can make some tier according to pvp ability. You can measure it by winning percentage or pvp points.Like famous game, LOL, make some tier like bronze,silver, gold. Or you can choose the military hierarchy like other FPS games.

Third, I feel pvp compensation is so lower than sectoring. You can choose the way like 100 pvp kills(except bungee) can get items or smth.

Thank you for reading my text. Have a good day!


Of course    :D
PvP need to be more active. Even the game should change the way of leveling.
Personally I prefer to play PvP before Sector, because it is already very monotone.
PvP and BvB should also give Experience like in Sector and even more (except for the exp by 258 and above ...)

This would make the players see another way to Lv Up and have fun in PvP |  BvB and not only playing sector 258 gora map ...
I think then we will see more PvP BvB  ;D

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