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Graphical Assisant for Future updates.

Started by Bluepatchx, September 02, 2016, 01:17:06 AM

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Hello everyone,

As I am sure you've seen, our recent updates have included new armours which were more than just re-skins, and we are excited that we can expand our collection of items further than ever before. However, work such as this does takes time to design, create and ultimately produce, so I am looking to take two people as my assistants.

There are some very talented people in this community, and I am very eager to work by your side and bring forward creative, but more importantly, innovative designs.

If you are interested, and would like to apply, please inbox me with the following information:

- Experience with Graphic Design (Years involved)
- Preferred Software
- A few samples of your work. (The more variety you can show, the better.)
- How I can contact you for further information (skype/email is preferred)

You can link me to your DeviantArts, Tumblrs, or any other platform that you've hosted your work on.

All the best,

Admin Jared
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Teach me senpai pls
I wanna be a part of community but i need halp .-.


Application window closes on Wednesday, 7th of September.
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What would we be designing? Creating armor styles or ...?


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The primary focus of the assistant is to get involved with the design work flow. So in part, yes, you will help design and create armour styles.

A reminder that applications close soon!
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