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Purchasing Coins.

Started by Baconaize, September 08, 2016, 06:53:56 AM

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So i just bought 10$ worth of coins (1000) but on my account it says i have 0 (website) and in the in-game store it says that I have 13. This cant be right? Help plz!

Thanks :D


Are you talking about buying coins on BoutCheetah or Zylon Bots? I don't think you can buy coins directly on BoutCheetah instead you purchase Zylon coins. These can be used in the Zylon shop to buy "rare" items which you could choose to sell for coins after. If you are talking about Zylon bots then you may have still purchased zylon coins on the boutcheetah site accidentally instead of Bots coins.

To see if you did buy zylon coins by accident click on the Zylon shop or on this link If you wanted Bots coins and have Zylon coins you will have to talk to an admin (most likely Allie, think she deals with the paypal stuff. Could be wrong might be Kenny  ???)

Hopefully this help, good luck getting your coins


I now know the difference between the ingame coins and zylon coins. I bought 10$ of the zylon coins and THAT is what has not appeared yet (on the link that you sent me i did the whole pay pal checkout) and it still says i have 0 coins. :C


Alright so is there a purchase recorded on your paypal for it? If there is then you will have to contact Allie with that information because I have no control over purchases.

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