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How's the game doing?

Started by DonutSteel, March 06, 2017, 03:17:47 PM

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I know this is my first post here and I should probably be in introductions introducing myself, but I figured this might be a better place.

I haven't really played Boutcheetah all that much and I'll probably start from scratch, but I noticed that there aren't many people online going by the website.

So that leads me to my question; How's the game doing? Is it worth starting now? I want to play with some people (although I'd rather not just be carried, I want at least some challenge on my way to the higher levels), but it doesn't seem like that's possible.


if your looking for a challenge, maybe try out https://bots.zylongaming.com/
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That wasn't really my point, I just didn't want to be carried.

Plus I just can't enjoy the original game anymore, I said I wanted a challenge, but they went too far by making power ups near impossible to come by.


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Hey DonutSteel,

If you want to start playing and you're looking for a challenge or a friend, I'm here for you.
I can help you get to know the game completely, set you up with a "starter's pack" based on your needs and means, and we can play together!

Our High server offers very high experience rates and our biggest player base, as well as a variety of event items uniquely to the High server.
Our Low server offers the exact same game as High, but with much slower experience rates and a significantly smaller player base.
(Low is much more of a challenge, in a way)

Let me know what you think :)

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Low server is closely the same as high server exp based with the right buffs. It's not many there having op items, and that's what's makes low fun

My ign: Robo/Robocop7ant
Will be online next weekend probably
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