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Samael's ascend

Started by Caspian, October 06, 2017, 06:03:08 PM

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Hi all

This will be a series documenting Samael's ascend from (at this point) level 25 to level 100.

I will do so with screenshots and describing in words Samael's journey to level 100.


Just to fill avoid for those who are new or simply doesn't know me or the patch's former name.

Samael is simply a new name for my old level 100 patch. My good friends and in general people i know here on zylon have been bugging me forever with a name change.

To be honest the old name actually violated the bylaws  :o

Now to the action

In this screen below Samael just reached level 25 on map 28  ;D

I am embarrassed to admit i actually used rb once because those ***** nimbas keep ***** me over. ( just insert a bad word of your choice in the stars  >:(

By the way everyone is welcome to join my grind/ascend

Oh also as a last thing

If you guys can tell me the meaning of Samael !! I will grant you a 30 day coin item of your choice.


Guys don't google it  ;D ;D
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Day two of playing on Samael

It was fun playing with old faces amongst them Robo the famous viking guild leader, Bunnii chatty as always and Mich the fine combo master.

I saw a new face today also !! Mister HotKImchi and if you see this post Kim ! Thanks for the games and hope to see you on again in the near future.

Samael is now in lv 30 and will mostlikely be lv 40 tomorrow if i get som help during double exp :)

In regards to double exp !! I hope to see alot of you guys on there.

Now to the answer:

Quote from: Meteor on October 06, 2017, 09:07:43 PM
Samael the archangel?

Well its vague but ill take it. Just post here what item you want 30 days and i only do BOTS giveaways just to be clear.

Now to the screenshoots.

Robo,Mich; bunnii and Kim was not good at getting in line for a screenshoot... See for yourselves  ::)

The second one is Samael/me nearly dead after killing the 38 boss... :'(

Dedicated BOTS player

Member and guild leader of Elysium.


Lolk umm send a digi to Meteor I guess.

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