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Help With Start up ?Cant play anymore :(

Started by aswxdf, November 29, 2018, 02:19:18 PM

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The loader says internet issues detected?

loads login and everything but wont log in just loads al day
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wont log in
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everytime i open the loader it says internet issues detected, you can still try and login but it dosent log in just loads forever, idk what i did my antivirus maybe somethinng i did with my internet setings ? :( i need help


That's probably an antivirus issue.
Look up the name of whatever you have and how to disable it, then you can whitelist 'bout.dat' if it works.


I had to change server providers recently.  Looks like your client updater is being blocked by either your antivirus or firewall.  You can try to download the patch.ini file manually here: https://updates.zylongaming.com/boutcheetah/patch.ini and overwrite the existing file in the client C:/Zylon Gaming/BoutCheetah

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