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Hello all, What do you guyz think about rewriting this game :)

Started by barisdoga2, March 04, 2019, 02:01:46 PM

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Firstly I dont know anything about legal status of this action.


I am a really big fan of this game since I was 10. And i really like it. I am a Computer Scientist and Im interested of game development. I am thinking about rewriting this game with battle royale concept, with more arcade graphics :)

So what do you think ?


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^thanks cooky <3
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I'd love to see a graphical update with more items added it would be cool if you could actually create a new game or even try and work with the owner of this one,


It'd be good to see this game get more content and a bit of refining it needs a makeover its been the same for so long +1 rewriting it, -1 battle royale mode that'd be just following every other game


there will never be another version of bots in a playable state again, seen literally half a thousand posts by now offering to do the same thing
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