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Introduction / Review on the game.

Started by OGxNight, November 15, 2019, 06:34:24 PM

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Hello Everyone,

I would like to Introduce myself. As for many of you who don't know me I am OGxNight or my in-game name is: OG. After playing the game for a couple of days straight. I have came to find I have really enjoy playing it that I went out my way to put some money into it. Honestly, I remember the good old days of the original bots and this game here has brought so many great memories back. I sadly haven't put any time into Zylon Gaming  Bots (Remake) yet. But, once I have finished with having fun of this I think I will take the time to further explore the other game.

So, I'd honestly like to thank the GM's, Moderators, Form Moderators, Old and new. For bringing back some great memories and bringing back one of my most favourite games from the past. I'd also like to personally thank you guys for reading this long boring review and introducing I do apologise for that aha,

I guess I'll see you all around in-game or here in the forms who knows I guess,

~ OGxNight   


thats a really heart touching speech from you my friend but i gotta upset u

the game is dead
IGN: Caustic

^thanks cooky <3
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whats wrong with eating a sock

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