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Selling account with lots of coins and rares

Started by Meteor, June 05, 2020, 02:25:10 PM

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Selling this acc for cash. PM me or give me your discord for offers. Details:

Lvl 225 Patch
10M+ Coins
Raid 1 Patch set
Tier 3 Lvl 221 Patch set
Perm Hover Jet wing
Perm White Knight trans
Perm Halloween trans

4+ years Gold Thunder head
4+ years Double Blade merc
Dark Meto
Walker Bro
6k+ games Charge II
Perm Liger head
7 days Block head (modded on the screenshot)
7 days Kowbat head
30 days Tinker head
1 year Jack head (2x)
5+ years Santa shoulder
Green LGN Surge set + several LGN pieces (wing equipped, rest depicted in stash)
Halloween shield (2x), shoulder and Surge arm
Discus, Omni, Candy, Ice Mini (+4)

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