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Information for Suggestions

Started by iwasbobo, October 31, 2011, 07:39:54 PM

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1 - How to make a Suggestion
2 - Suggestion Tips
3 - What not to Suggest

How to make a Suggestion

Before we start I'd like to inform everyone that I will now have an active roll in the suggestion part of the forums. This means if your suggestion does not meet the expectations stated below (What not to add), it will be locked shortly after creation. Don't take this personally, I will let you edit it and after it meets my or another staff members expectations, it'll be unlocked for feedback.

1.0 How to add pictures to your post. (Not required)
1.1 Introduction for your suggestion (Required)
1.2 State what you want improved/changed or added (Required)
1.3 Why you think your suggestion would benefit the community (Required)
1.4 Proof (Required)
1.5 Conclusion (Required)

1.0 Feel free to skip this part (1.0) of the suggestion if you don't need assistance with adding pictures to your suggestion.

Firstly, go to www.tinypic.com - this is a free image hosting site that has no maximum uploads, etc.

You should see this page (advertisements will most probably be different):

Now, click on browse and find the picture that you wish to upload. Once you have located it, click on the green Upload button. You should get a screen that looks like this:

Type what the image says, then click the green Upload button. The text thing is not case sensitive. It will take a few seconds to a couple of minutes, depending on the size of the image you have decided to upload.

Once you have done that, you will get a screen that looks like this:

You want to copy the one that says:

Simply post the [IMG] code onto the forums. The picture should show up.

1.1 After you've named your suggestion correctly, make a short introduction. It should introduce what your suggestion is about and why it would be a good idea.

Now that you've made the introduction, you have three options.

  • Suggest what can be done to improve the aspect
  • Suggest a aspect that could be added to replace/complement the current one
  • If your suggestion includes Hacking, scamming, or anything along those lines, please don't make a suggestion

    The "aspect" in this example is a new Level cap.

    1.2 Now that I've introduced what my suggestion is about (A higher level cap), I will state what it is that I want changed. Some examples can include (for my specific example);

  • What I want the level cap to be
  • What I don't like about the current level cap

    What you want changed should must be backed up with reason in the next section.

    1.3 Why do you think your suggestion will benefit the community?

    If your suggestion would not benefit the community in any way, then don't suggest it. Simple. Here's my example;

  • Having a higher level cap not only benefits those of which aren't level 200, but it also benefits those who are level 200. Why? Because after reaching level 200, the game becomes repetitive. This would give every current level 200 the chance to enjoy the game play again instead of just sitting in lobbies and or pvping all day.

    Now that you've come up with a great idea that will help the community and how it'd benefit everyone, explain why it would help, with pictures if possible (not required).

    1.3.1 You've explained why it will help the community - now you need to provide some sort of proof.

    Proof should be researched (or be prior knowledge). If the suggestion is about my example being a 'Higher Level Cap', proof can include things such as:

  • New Items for the new level cap
  • How the players with the higher level will compare to others in Pvp, Sector, and Base
  • How the level required armor won't overpower any other armors
  • If they'll be able to complete the current Sectors too easily

    1.3.2 And now that you've introduced your suggestion, stated why it would benefit the community and provided evidence, it's time for a conclusion.

    A conclusion basically sums up all of your previous points and it should relate to the introduction. Also, if you feel like it, add a little "thank you" message to the bottom of your suggestion, thanking people for reading your suggestion. An example of this is as follows;

  • In conclusion, I'd like a higher level cap because it benefits the whole community in a positive manor, it keeps us current level 200's busy and active in game, and finally it will introduce new items for the new levels. Thanks for reading.

    Once you've successfully completed this outline, your suggestion will not only appeal to the eyes of it's readers, but will also allow staff members to easily find out what you want.

    Credits for this amazing guide go to Kevin.

    Suggestion Tips

    I'm glad to see your interested in sharing your thoughts to help better the playing experience , now you need to know some basic tips that will prevent repetitive topics all concerning the same ideas from being made. This will be updated at will, if you feel something needs to be added, please Private message either myself or any other staff member. That being said, let's get started.

    Below is a list of suggestions that have already been made and or considered:
  • Anti-Hacks
  • Bringing back the BOTS!! text
  • Moving to a new forum (includes vBulletin, Invision Power, etc)
  • Forum Rankings
  • Increasing/Decreasing Map difficulties
  • Increasing/Decreasing Level caps
  • Increasing/Decreasing the current Experience rate
  • A new Bot type (adding a fourth or even fifth to the current three 'Ram, Patch, Surge')
  • Having custom forum 'text' colors

    Now that we've gotten that list out of the way, we still have another obstacle to tackle. Searching for a suggestion before actually suggesting it is an efficient way to prevent spamming. Of course, if that persons suggestion is slightly different to yours feel free to make a new topic. Just always try to use the Search feature, it's your best friend.

    Once again, credit to Kevin.

    What not to Suggest

    Every other suggestion seems to be about a new game mode, or something very out of the ordinary.  Things that were not already in BOTS/BOUT CANNOT be implemented. For example, since there was not a game mode of Capture the Flag, a new game mode cannot be implemented.  Please take this into consideration before making a suggestion.

    Thank you.

    Credit to Jeffalo13.

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