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Title: In-Game Membership/ZC Sellers [Administrator Verified] [Updated 29th Dec. 2013]
Post by: Yz on September 13, 2012, 05:00:33 AM
These are the players verified by an Admin to legitimately re-sell Zylon Coins & Membership subscriptions. Their exact in-game names have been listed and a link provided to message them on the forums. Please be cautious of scams via impersonators using similar names.

- GM Max / Madprox (;u=367928)
- asmit10 / Purple (;u=427077)

Sign up format:

Is your PayPal account verified: Yes / No
About how many transactions have you made with ZG:
What In-game name will you designate to sell with:
What forum name is associated with that bot:
I agree that my bot will be banned and I will be muted permanently for scamming: Yes / No