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And @thepeople who are crying about low turning into high because of x2 on weekends, heres how it is, (i think), Low, is x1 EXP on weekdays, and x2 on weekends, when on the other hand, High is always, i repeat always, x3, so saying that x2 on weekends will turn low into another high, just makes me laugh and i have nothing to say to that thread so im posting this here for whoever to see.

And thanks for the SUPPORT guys!,

Also, @Redtopia, a.k.a Reztopia ;)
Yz will come around on low soon so stay tuned.
Normal Server / Re: Silence II | Expansion of Silence
December 13, 2015, 06:59:01 PM
Going well but kinda slow right now because im playing the shit out of low server, but the event for collecting GP is still active until tomorrow on the  14th at 11:59 pm EST, hope you enjoy this time of the year, and the winter solstice is around the corner, i personally don't favor the whole Christmas ordeal, but if you do, have a merry xmas,lol.
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