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Player Sponsored Events / BOTS Sector event fall 2018
October 13, 2018, 02:14:01 PM

Yet again I am back with a small event  :)

This time its a story mode event which means going from map 1 to 98 in one setting/ go and those who show up as the first 7 people will get something small but usefull for the event ;)

The dates are:

Thursday the18Th of October

Friday the 19Th of October

The sector event Thursdaywill go live 0900 hours Boston time/ 1300 hours Greenwhich Mean Time.

The sector event Friday will go live0800 hours Boston time/ 1200 hours Greenwhich Mean Time.

Since there are limited spots ( 7 spots ) it will be first come, first served principle !!

Also I will reserve the right to boot people who do not comply with either the in game rules or just normal human decency.

Feel free to comment below if you have any questions or feel like i left something out :)

Best Regards



Zylon has nothing to do with this event and the responsibility of this unofficial event falls on me solely
I came across some old screenshots the other day from my days at evolution :)

Though i must say the coolest part is that i found my old IGN name that i used on evo as well as on acclaim.

Player Sponsored Events / BOTS Giveaway
February 24, 2018, 06:05:40 AM
BOTS Giveaway

The first 10 responders of this thread gets a coin item of my choice !!

The  following 5 responders get a +3 item of my choice. One can also challenge me to a PVP fight and win a coin item from me ;)


Comment your In game name and your wish


Zylon has nothing to do with this event and the responsibility of this unofficial event falls on me solely


The items will be sent out before the double exp event
Best Regards

Off Topic / Samael's ascend
October 06, 2017, 06:03:08 PM
Hi all

This will be a series documenting Samael's ascend from (at this point) level 25 to level 100.

I will do so with screenshots and describing in words Samael's journey to level 100.


Just to fill avoid for those who are new or simply doesn't know me or the patch's former name.

Samael is simply a new name for my old level 100 patch. My good friends and in general people i know here on zylon have been bugging me forever with a name change.

To be honest the old name actually violated the bylaws  :o

Now to the action

In this screen below Samael just reached level 25 on map 28  ;D

I am embarrassed to admit i actually used rb once because those ***** nimbas keep ***** me over. ( just insert a bad word of your choice in the stars  >:(

By the way everyone is welcome to join my grind/ascend

Oh also as a last thing

If you guys can tell me the meaning of Samael !! I will grant you a 30 day coin item of your choice.


Guys don't google it  ;D ;D
Marketplace / Looking for ram parts in BOTS
August 08, 2017, 05:18:47 AM
Hi all !!

I am looking for a illu arm +3 and head +3 for ram of couse.

So any of you have such parts and what do you want for them

Best Regards

Player Sponsored Events / BOTS event !! Summer
June 11, 2017, 05:19:31 AM

The event is INACTIVE

The First part of the summer break event will be a time trial sort of event.

The 3 fastests players to do map 98 will get rewarded as following:

First prize: Full coin set + two 1 yr coin items for a friend of your choice.

Second place/prize:  Full coin set 30 days

third place:  full coin set 7 days.

The rules are:

Record your entire run

With no use of coin items what so ever.

Also no use of OP items.

Ofc within the bylaws of the game so no hacking or etc.

Dropping the enemies is ofc allowed.

So Post your vidoes below with your time and your IGN.

Now to the second part of the event.

The first 20 ppl to trade me (Caspian)a gear part (head,arm and body) +3 will get rewarded.

EDIT: only 7 trades left

1 item = one year coin item

If you trade me a entire set +3 like bladium for instance will get 4 coin items 1 year.  

BUT you cant trade me more than once.

Rez ( Will double my trade event(will also give coin items to the first 20 ppl that trade him)

Have a good summer and if you have any questions or any thing i have to clarify please post below :)

Best Regards


Disclaimer: this event is not held as in my funktion of Staff....This event and its prizes all come from my own pocket so to say.
Marketplace / The Scrap Yard (BOTS)
February 21, 2017, 05:53:04 PM
Rez and Caspian's Scrap Yard

Welcome to The Scrap Yard !!!

Rez and I are selling BOTS Parts +3 for Gigas, BC stuff or other types of payment.

I will add the +3 stuff we have in stock as we get them so check out the scrap yard from time to time :)

You can write under this thread, PM Rez or I (Caspian) on forums or just in game ( BOTS)

-  Surge
Lv96 Bladium +3 Body, Arm

Lv 86 Sabercron +3 Arm

Lv 66 Trilicor +3 SET

- Ram
Lv86 Plasma-Dasher +3

- Patch

Individual stuff:

- Shields
Lv68 BludgerTG +3
Lv76 GemGuardTD +3 x2
Lv86 FrontGuardTD +3 x3
Lv86 FrontGuardGUN +3

- Shoulders
Lv78 ScapularTG +3
Lv78 ScapularTD +3 x2
Lv87 Tri-PlaterGUN +3 x2
Lv87 Tri-PlaterTD +3 x2

- Mini-Bots
Lv30 Orbiter +3
Lv30 Mozap +3 x2
Lv30 Hi-Comm +3

- Guns
Lv60 ShockSpike +3
Lv60 Launcher +3

- Energy Fields
Lv60 Spark +3 (Evade) x3
Lv30 Spark +3 (Critical)


Every Sunday up to christmas  I will give players a chance to win a 30 day coin item if they can answer three questions of my choice. There will be one 30 day coin item each sunday up to christmas. So the dates and times for the next three sundays are as following.

4 december: 12:00 PM Boston time (EST)  (winner: Bombarda184)

17 Decmber 12:00 PM Boston time (EST)

18 december 12:00 PM Boston time (EST)

There at these times I will be asking three questions and the player that answers them correctly (first) in LOBBY will win a 30 day coin item.

Also i might do something special for christmas day or around the holidays.

Changes in times may occur !!  I will write it here if so happens. Also this event has nothing to do with Zylon as said a player sponsored event.

IF you have any questions please write them here and I will answer them  :)

Kind Regards


Hi guys

I played in vikings in bots and i kind of haven't heard from the other vikings in a long time. So please comment if you are a old viking !! I would love to hear what you guys have been doing.

Best regards
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