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Quote from: qolderman on June 01, 2022, 11:37:19 AMyou know we got better than before bots server up and running with tons of updates??
add yz on discord: Yz#9261
wow !!!!!!!!!! very epic !!!!!!
Quote from: Yz on December 06, 2019, 01:38:02 AM
Quote from: koreansdfjl1 on December 02, 2019, 12:35:24 AM
i am lyfe my nice friend

helo lyfe is zekromr fear im having a ****ing ANEURYSM because he said he didnt play with me but i knew fear heaps well
yes he is fear xd

Quote from: zekromr on December 07, 2019, 02:30:34 AM
Quote from: Yz on December 06, 2019, 01:38:02 AM
Quote from: koreansdfjl1 on December 02, 2019, 12:35:24 AM
i am lyfe my nice friend

helo lyfe is zekromr fear im having a ****ing ANEURYSM because he said he didnt play with me but i knew fear heaps well

Wait what when did I know you. Did you go by a different name when I knew you?
yz is our nice friend josh aka minitricky aka dj_ohka
i am lyfe my nice friend
it is fear aka surgeoftheleaf my nice friend
keep on gamin' on gamers
Quote from: zekromr on November 15, 2019, 05:57:51 PM
To pig: I'm self-banned from league. Did you ever reach diamond you noob?
no pig is too much of a dumb nerd
no need to be a dipshit about it lmao.
Normal Server / Re: Selling account
May 18, 2019, 12:45:14 PM
no one's gonna buy it because the game is totally dead lol
Both servers were mismanaged. BE not doing well was mostly Tok's, Hanman's, and Zirak's fault. All three were pretty rude to most players. Tok and Zirak would either rarely update the game in a positive way or would make shit updates that made the game worse (at least by most people's opinions). For example, Zirak made a patch to the game that prevented a large amount of the playerbase from actually logging on to the game in 2012, which resulted in the playerbase being drastically decreased. Before that update, there would usually be ~40 players or so online at any time, but after that update there would only be 2-3 people. In addition, Zirak did something really retarded with BotStract. He made it so that having more BotStract would make your bot jump higher to the point of it becoming completely ridiculous. He also changed the "traditional" +5 system to a +9 system that most of the playerbase didn't want. Those things amongst many others resulted in BE dying.

I'm not really as familiar with BC since I wasn't here at "new" BC since the very beginning. I came here after BE started to die. I think that BC died largely because people just got tired of the game. Most of the updates were just reskins of assets that already existed that had way broken stats. Basically, that means that there were no real updates of substance if you weren't into mindless grinding sector to get GP. I do think BC did a lot of things right though, namely largely improving on BE's [C] tag, offering a lot more gameplay options in PvP, and reducing chain hits. That still doesn't change the fact that there was no real brand new content in PvP or BvB though. Most of the people here who browsed the forums that have been playing Bots off and on for several years just got tired of grinding sector mode, so I think that the demise of BC was kind of inevitable.

Also, T-Bot was shit because they did janky shit with the running speed of the bots. All the bots were really slow, so much so that running+jumping was faster than just running. I'm pretty sure that Fira and Kenny DDOS'd the server frequently as well.
General Discussion / Re: Some feelings
April 13, 2019, 11:28:13 PM
Hey, man. I, too, started playing Bots in late 2006. I was only 10 years old and learned about the game from my cousin during Thanksgiving Break. While I haven't played the game in several years at this point, I used to be really dedicated to this game. I also like many of the mechanics of this game. I like how Bots/BOUT is a simple and easy-to-grasp game, and there's nothing forced on you like stories or cutscenes.

However, I think that Bots does not offer me anything anymore unfortunately. I grinded multiple accounts to level 100 legitimately back on the original game from 2006-2009 and played tons of PvP and BvB. In 2009, the original version of BC was released, and I played that a lot as well for the PvP.

In 2010, Bout Evo was in its closed beta phase, and I was lucky enough to get a key. I ended up playing the game a lot early on in its life, and I was the second person to get to level 110 (max level), which took forever in the early versions of the game. Later on, I got another 2 accounts in that game to max level, even though it took forever. I played a lot of PvP in Bout Evo, hoping that the admins would eventually fix BvB and make it as fun as it was in Bots.

Tok and friends never even attempted to fix BvB, so I eventually started playing the new version of BC in 2012. The new version of BC had a lot of stuff in it I thought was awful tbh, but I still played it anyway because a lot of people I liked were playing it. Additionally, BC actually had a somehow funnish BvB mode if you played with the right ruleset (level 98/108 armor only, no member flags, etc.).

However, there were still many things wrong with BvB, and nothing ever really got fixed here either. One big flaw with the mode is that there is only one map that isn't bullshit (Industrobe Plains), so it gets tiring to play on the same map all the time, even though Industrobe is a really well-designed map. I got 3 accounts to max here (back when the level cap was 172 for non-members) through basing and PvPing. But my interest waned when most of the people I enjoyed BvBing with lost interest and stopped playing. There are also few people who are actually good at BvB, so playing against random people on low level accounts got really boring after awhile as well. I even played Zylon Bots for awhile, but I got tired of sectoring and eventually got banned for hacking because Dewo told me that Jake (KillerPig) and I could complete the levels faster. Also, Zylon Bots has issues with chaining and the base mode is trash, and it will never be fixed.

Even though I really like all three game modes, sector can only maintain my interest for so long. I've done all the main levels from Bots so many times that it just simply isn't enjoyable for me anymore. I've also played tons of PvP, and while I think it can be really fun when there's a room with 8 people and play FFA or 4v4 teams, 1v1 PvP is really boring because Surges are easily the best and extremely defensive play is by far the most effective strategy. BvB isn't fun either when the only matches that I can get are 1v1s (or 2v2s which are also pretty shit), and none of the people I enjoyed the game mode a lot with aren't even playing anymore. This is a very short version of my story with the game and some of my issues with it, but maybe you'll find some of this interesting.
helo i am korea gamer......... vry gud at bse like mmy brazzillian brethren...... ;D ;D ;D ;D
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