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How to take a screenshot/upload it

Started by KillerPig, July 28, 2012, 10:06:37 PM

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July 28, 2012, 10:06:37 PM Last Edit: July 30, 2012, 10:40:31 PM by KillerPig
1. Make sure the BC window is exactly how you want it to appear when taking the screenshot (adjusting chat scroll bar and so on)

2. Find this key on your keyboard:
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3. Press it ONCE and ONLY ONCE. Pressing it multiple times will make multiple copies of the screenshot.

4. Go to your Boutcheetah Folder. You will most likely find it under C:\Zylon Gaming\BoutCheetah\screenshot.
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5. As you can see, each screenshot is labeled with a date and time, making it easy to figure out which is the one you just recently took.

Continue reading on if you wish to learn how to upload the screenshot to an image sharing site.

The most common of all image sharing sites is tinypic.com. So for this guide, this will be the site I use.

6. Go to tinypic.com
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7. Click the "Choose..." button, which will bring you to this subwindow.
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8. Navigate to the Boutcheetah screenshot folder (see above) and pick the picture you want to upload.

9. The window will close. Then press the big "Upload now!" button.

10. Type in the required captcha and press the "Upload now!" button.
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11. Copy this link.
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12. Post link as it appears on forum.

Note this does not apply for all PC based games.

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Your instructions are better than mine i will lock my topic :D

Edit: stick this plz ^_^


or you could upload it directly from ur computer to forums by attaching when posting  :)


its more convenient for the reader this way :(

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sry for reviving but this should be sticked , right?


Moved to Tips and Guides. There aren't many threads here so it won't die too soon.

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Sometimes tinypic is down. You could add photobucket.com which is also easy but requires registration
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