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Community Poll - Results

Started by Allie, September 23, 2013, 10:57:19 PM

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We have closely looked at your feedback, and have decided to go ahead with both updates (although on a smaller scale).

We are going to first update sector. This will probably include things ranging from two to four new maps, to removing the 65535 xp cap, allowing you guys to level much faster.

After the sector update is released (planned for about two weeks from now), we will begin on the base update. With this update we'll bring you guaranteed new features, although what they are are TBA, as the entire update is essentially a research project. Things that you may see from this update include multiple bases in a single game, new maps, and a rework of base/merc stats and ai.

During the sector update, we will probably call upon a few of you base enthusiasts to help get started on the merc rework with Kenny while I continue on the sector update.

We hope you guys are as satisfied with this decision as we were.


first post  :P

sector first, k no prob i voted for base but ill wait gladly :)
Thanks ang and spidey for the sigs! :3

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I like this plan! We can level, play the new sector maps while the few base players help with the base update and then it can be finished. Great plan, can't wait to see the result! :D


I'm just glad your updating base.
Do you have anytime when the base update may come?

Creator Of Mid-Air Block <--Corr told me to put this k.


Mmmk ima level to 225 and start playing more often.
Thanks allie for making the base update. I love you cutie. :-*
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im base enthusiastic i can help kenny on the work
if you guys let me help obv


Quote from: hur90 on September 23, 2013, 11:32:23 PM
im base enthusiastic i can help kenny on the work
if you guys let me help obv

prob gonna be corr/lyfe/pig


oh gawd... this post is making me want to quit LoL and play BC all day


I am satisfied with this decision.  :)


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Quote from: Allie on September 23, 2013, 10:57:19 PM
We are going to first update sector.

But didn't base win the vote?


Quote from: nanak tatum on September 24, 2013, 12:57:35 AM
Yes but Allie saw that there needs to be some way of leveling while waiting for base update. It's smarter to do it this way.

She's not the only one, I was preaching that several times throughout the thread

I'm glad she shares the same view


droid zylon1

U put ~they are are tba~. Figured u wanted to know but no big deal. anyways on another note i love where the uldates are going and all the new features


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