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Acc on sale

Started by Fighter1357, July 14, 2017, 07:53:42 PM

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Acc contains: red lgn (arm head body), RT2 body (you need snowball)
                      perm jack head
                      Meto gun
                      Meto Wings
                      Lucky aura
                      +4 discus, +4 Omni keeper
                      Skill set II
                      Dark Hunter merc
                      Super Khanz
                      99 time rebirth
I'm accepting offers everyday.. Price range would be 70$-90$   I dont take In-game stuff sorry


Ofc if there are only few offers price is going down by much :)


i dont think anyone would buy it for $70


Just wanted to kindly remind both the OP and anyone viewing this thread, that we do not condone the buying or selling of accounts for real-life currency and/or exchange.

We will not take any responsibility if something should happen to your account and/or your transactions are not complete.
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Got it Jared..
But anyway I wont have time in next years to play so I dont need this acc anymore..

Idc if somebody tricks me but I would be happy with 10$ for acc just because of efort I put to reach this items...


Btw new price of acc is 40$ or lower..


for what bot type is lgn set? I can offer 6$ for it
Quote from: Cooky on September 24, 2013, 05:57:31 PM
what about me I rap for u on skype


Its surge acc..

Sorry 15$ is minimum I can take, I'm rly sorry


is no legal   santa no help u lose accounte all guy buy


Haha who told you its no legal its my acc bro I can do whatever I want..

New price 10$..


Quote from: Fighter1357 on July 15, 2017, 06:14:18 PM
Haha who told you its no legal its my acc bro I can do whatever I want..

New price 10$..

Account buying/selling is technically not legal, no.
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I dont get it..
Sorry admin but it does not make sence that I cant sell my acc cause its not like I got this acc from somebody..

But if it is Ilegal than I wont sell but since then its still on sale..

Again I'm sorry if it is ilegal but it does not make sence..


The main reason it is "illegal" in a sense is you could sell the account then claim it was hacked and get us to recover it, in theory its a scam that many people have done in the past.  The only person that loses is the person that buys it.



Well I asure you there is now reason to worry about me
I just want to sell acc because its good and I would be happy if somebody would keep playing on it cause I wont have time beacuse of school (need marks for collage)

This is why I sell online so everybody can see I am selling it so later  I cant say I was hacked..


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