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Can anything be done to revive the game ?

Started by Killer454, October 14, 2017, 01:28:47 PM

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Even though I haven't played in a long time, It saddens me to see how inactive the game is now.

Can't anything be done in order to get more new players ?
Advertising it somewhere, perhaps try to put it on Steam ? (even though that's probably not possible).


Major updates could bring a lot of players back, something like a graphic rework, new armor sets, new mobs, bosses, maps (something like Sector Update with tons of new stuff and same with bvb/pvp/raids), but the engine is so old and bad that it cannot be done (don't quote me on that).

With Jared's and other staff members' potential it could happen if they really wanted to, but we live in a sad reality, where it's all about money, old bad engines and their want to do something.

Imo, if a group of talented people could get together, had the money and full access to N-Log engine (yes?) then anything could happen really. They could get that engine to its maximum potential, squeeze all of its juice.
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a few sex scandals and drama with staff and members should get things going again


i tried real hard when i was around years and YEARS ago (2013) but it never mattered cuz the main dev was checked out, you need more than just a community unfortunately
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I'm just going to throw my two cents in:

Yz and qolderman hit the nail on the head, and Mod Noobz did so in part, as well.

I can't change a lot of things you guys want changed. I don't have the access to do so. So it's not that I "am too busy" to fix events, it's simply that I don't have the access to the database. I have also mentioned before that I have new armours and gear  ready to go, and to be implemented.

I can recover your accounts, check certain information, and manage the smaller end things, but that is unfortunately about it. Nothing major in-game can be influenced by me.

My hands are tied.

As far as "it's all about money", this is untrue. I have released a lot of content, without any demand of payment or reparations. People keep referring to the one set I'm not releasing, and parsing it over as "evidence" of greed. If this was so, the Legion update wouldn't have happened, nor would the weekly sets, Exchange coupons, etc. There's a lot that this community takes for granted.

The idea of "revamping" this game either through EXP changes, or adding more content simply is not the soul means of fixing this game. There is a lot of other balancing, and content extension that would be required to get this game to 'modern standards'. The fact of the matter is, this game is old. The engine is old. You cannot keep milking this forever, nor expect this game to survive through the ages. The game is basically at it's limit for game-modes and other mechanics. Complaining about the lack of implementation does not help in finding a solution.

I have said on many occasions I would have made the changes already, and made fixes had it been possible.
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October 16, 2017, 02:45:00 AM #5 Last Edit: October 16, 2017, 02:50:19 AM by perussse
guy no need even just need  get pub in any website   and game   and compagny other game  but  admin need get it  boutcheetah survival  and next full in game get event but now im sorry for talk but is reallity admin is sit no get pub other


It's like a job, it's lot of work in this game already.
The spark for a lot of old staffs and old members are gone, this game is for people who likes fast exp and lvls, no challenges any more, and Kenny isn't here.

Bots server is more active these days i guess.
But that also will lose the magic soon.
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STC Fefnir

This game is having difficult times. When I was here, not a lot time ago like idk a year maybe(?), it was quite active than now. Jared did a great effort to keep players more active than now. We really need Santa to get back and maybe manage this game a little bit better. And ofc he must give access to the DB only for admins or people who can really work hard enough to make this game better.

And Hi everyone. :D


santa the best admin in server   the fixe prob 

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