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General Discussion / Unable to start game
April 27, 2021, 06:55:58 PM
Is there a maintenance going on right now?
LOL, never knew this existed. I am quite amused.

I choose dare.

Next 5 people must upload real life pictures as their forum avatar. I took the first hit as a means of demonstrating faith and discipline.

Next person who posts gets to choose what the person posting next is doing in his IRL pic as well as his choice of truth or dare. First dare is still in effect, if disobeyed, the ante is increased by the next person however they see fit.



1. Within reason
2. See above for first 5 posts

HIGH Server

LOW Server
CAT +4 Body
Gemguard +4
Firewall E4
Blazer +4 arm lvl 105
CGS +4 body lvl 135
Ultrabash +3 body
Ultrabash +4 body lvl 126

BOTS 2008 server
54 SpikeEMT arm +1
66 Scritter arm +3
24 Dusk Runner arm +1
94 Illuminum arm, body x2 +1
86 Plasma dasher arm x2, body +3
14 Sinder arm +2/1
CAT +1
Sinder body +1
Jet peak arm +1
Byte Blaster arm +1

Aegis and honorshield +1, ask for which ones I have
heavyshoulder gun +1
lightningshot +3
softshoulder+1 GUN, TG
58 Blocker +3
Heavy +1 GUN, +2 TG
57 Tower GUN +1
76 Gemguard TDx2 +3
78 Gemguard TG +3
78 Scapular TG +3
87 Tri-Plater GUN +2
G60 +1
Bislider +1
Spark +2 evade
Spark +1 Crit
circle +1 crit
Spike SAT +2

Marketplace / Illuminum+5 arm & +4 Rapid Impaler body
December 23, 2017, 03:42:07 AM
Selling the above.PM me or add me on discord:
So those canisters should come up with something that modifies our active/passive skills.

i.e. turn your active skill into the "II" improved version for a full minute (shown in secondary trans gauge or timer).
merge your rush skill with ion wave to create a devastating ground attack
constant charging for a minute regardless of whether z button is pressed or not
temporarily switch off your current skill with whatever is displayed in the canister.

Just some ideas to get this going
General Discussion / Pledge to not grind 258 nor 172
January 12, 2015, 01:13:22 PM
Hey everyone, I might edit this with further description, but I'm a bit tired atm:

Since I rejoined BOTS, I have noticed a serious lack of skill in the majority of people's play. I accredit this to over-dependency on easy levels that are the target of grinders such as lvl 258 and lvl 172.

I would like to start a movement for "legit" lvling and more independent gameplay to focus on our player base's growth not in the xp sense, but in the skill department.

I'd like this to work in conjunction with http://boutcheetah.zylongaming.com/index.php?topic=55694.0
Seriously, if you're a mentor, DO NOT simply grind 258/172 with newbies. That's setting a bad role model for everyone else, because no one will learn how to truly play BOTS and appreciate each of its little nuances within the game mechanics.

Thankfully, I ran into a very skilled lvl1 surge Korean named Coco Chanel and he reminded me that xp is meaningless especially in harder maps where I see lvl 225s constantly fumble up a game of Hackken (formerly 95) or the jungle map (formerly 88). I even saw a lvl 225 completely fail a lvl 121 on hard mode. Just pathetic.

Please sign under this thread with your IGN if you'd like to be part of this movement to revive a more competitive BOTS that is not a mindless grindfest which is rampant in most RPGs nowadays. True Gaming is not sitting and clicking/punching keys in a repetitive and memorized fashion, that's what our workplaces are for.
Hey all,

I've recently been toying around with the difficulty mechanism in sector mode. I've been told that it only alters hp+damage of enemies and XP/GP gain. Is there a guide floating around for how much exactly? Couldn't find anything in the search bar.

Furthermore, are item drops affected? I noticed more drops and a red box in sector.

In unrelated news, solo'd good ol' 95 when my teammate crashed. D:
Hey all, been a while. ;)

First off, download goes normally, launcher sets up nicely. "No updates were found. Press start to launch the game."

BoutCheetah window opens up with a white screen, and immediately crashes saying, "BoutCheetah has stopped working. Windows is checking for a solution"

And then, this pops up:
BoutCheetah has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. Close the program."

Notify me? Psh'yeah right.
General Discussion / Just said I was "caught hacking"
August 25, 2010, 07:23:19 AM
Said my account and IP were logged because of box hacking 0.0
Epic sectoring skills much? :D

Srsly though. can someone fix this? I r legit.
General Discussion / WTFUX
August 25, 2010, 01:29:56 AM

General Discussion / Raped lvl 215
August 23, 2010, 09:37:34 AM

Note that:
I did not use any skill packs for this. No hp/rb packs either. Seems they're not in the shop btw, where did they go? 0.0

I die in 3 hits.
Eh, this was so-so difficulty. Took several tries, but I did it :o
Didn't require much brainpower, just lots of AI prediction and running back and forth -_-
Tips and Guides / Requesting a guide
August 22, 2010, 11:23:31 AM
For what drops in what levels.
I need to find out what level drops solar buster +3 or higher >:O

Anyways, I got bored and decided to do lvl 88 for nostalgia.
It was EXTREMELY easy compared to the old BOTS.
What happened? D:
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