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Normal Server / Buying easy stuffs
January 30, 2020, 04:39:24 AM
1. 106, 121 and 136 +1 to +3 parts (all types) (paying 50k each)
2. 100-130 +1 to +3 gears (paying 10k each)

Who beat me get 1 gigas.

Who get beaten by me get 2 bot-stract.

Who draw the game get me on the bed.

General Discussion / Some feelings
April 12, 2019, 08:32:20 PM
Just happen to be in the mood to write something here ...Have expected to be ignored or viewed as some sort of fool or nerd but it's fine. This is my true feeling as a man who still play Boutcheetah.

I joined Bots in late 2006, when I was very young and would just tag along with my brother, sharing the same acc for the game. Still, I'd been into it shortly and created another acc to compete with him for levels. It is always the greatest time though we were not involved in any big groups or communities.

Bout was fascinating too, but things gradually turned ugly somehow. In the hope to make some changes, I innocently became a mod in 2017; and indeed, nothing could be changed. Bout has been a real mess these years, until recently, people who are arrogant and self-centered have left, and the remaining are mostly kind and truly love this game. It becomes enjoyable again for me to play pvp with my new friends, or to teach the nostalgic players some pvp techniques and train them in Z.Bots.

I know we are sometimes laughed at for still being stuck in Bout, and understand why most of you hate the game. But no matter how shitty it, or Kenneth, is, I simply love the fighting mechanism here. And also, my friends are here. Are we wasting our time? I don't think so. At least, we are having some fruitful and relaxing moments every week doing fun pvp matches. It's way better than reading old posts for "nostalgia" while simultaneously discouraging passersby from playing again ; or claiming ourselves as stone or knife.

Nah, don't get me wrong. I am not convincing you guys to come back. Most of you've already lost the interest in the game content, and there are lots of much better games awaiting you, whatever. However, there are still someone, some humans, playing the game. Not only us, but also some of the other Koreans who are consistently rooted here.Though we may not be as good as you, we deserve some more respect. At least, please don't ignore us and say something like "Oh, this game is already dead out. No one actually play."

I don't know what you would think about me right now, probably a silly grave buffoon talking shit that is irrelevant to you. That's fine. Anyway, I have finally voiced here the opinion that has been hidden in my heart for long, and that's enough for me. Thx for listening.
Player Sponsored Events / Event
April 05, 2018, 08:59:47 AM
For those 3 who will die without events.  :P
Normal Server / Looking for the following things
April 04, 2018, 07:44:15 AM
High Server:
Firework(without 2014)
Letter O, T, C, H, A
Ganda Trans
Vandor Trans
Blackmal Trans(Not sure if it is available in BC, but anyway just assuming)

Low Server:
Mohawk +5 parts

General BvB / Weekly bvb fight in bots
January 06, 2018, 12:48:27 AM
hi guys.

i will start to host a bvb match in bots every saturday morning after gandasf's story event (as possible) starting from tmr.

maps are to be intentionally choosen for the first 8 weeks. starting from the 9th, it will be random.

winners can get not less than 100k gigas each.

the whole progress will be recorded and uploaded on my youtube channel.

come on my friends!

Player Sponsored Events / Christmas Event
November 28, 2017, 11:36:56 PM
Hi all, I'm planning to host a stake bvb event on 25/12. The details are as follows(preliminarily):
Stake Amount: 5m gigas
Map: Snow Mera Mountains
Time: GMT:0000-0100 (Bout Official Time:1800-1900 on 24/12)
(1): For parts and gear, only non-coins items under 154lv in shop(+0-7 for parts and +0-4 for gears) are allowed(No event items, such as Halloween, LGN, Weekly Set, Raid/Tier, BOTS/BOUT/Boutcheetah/P/R/S EF, Dark Meto , etc)
(2): No II Skills; Only Boza, Wazzu and Nimba are permitted for merc;
(3): Coins trans packs are accepted, but not encouraged; A winner with coins trans will receive a penalty of 1.5m deduction in profit(that means 3.5, rather than 5m, net profit) and the money will be evenly redistributed to losers in the match; No penalty
for losers with coin trans

(1): Form a team of 3
(2): Apply for the event and submit the stake money by 17/12
(3): Fight at Christmas

(1): Apart from the profit earned by winners, the best team among all(It's subjective) will be rewarded an extra 10m and a snowball for each person
(2): I will take videos in every match and select the most impressive fight(subjective too) to be uploaded on my youtube channel. All participants in it, no matter winners or losers, will be rewarded a Rudolf and a SantaShoulder

Something Important:
(1): Another time slot would be arranged if necessary and possible
(2): You can apply through commenting here, pm me or telling me in-game; You can submit the money individually or in a team through the trade of giftbox to Mod Noobz
(3): Late applications and submissions are not accepted and the whole team will be disqualified. Indeed, if you have paid the money individually but then are disqualified, you can retrieve it.
(4): The team which makes the latest submission, though on time, may get disqualified too if the number of team is odd
(5): I will arrange the match-ups as soon as possible after 17/12. You cannot withdraw from the event with money retrieved once the list is released. The money will go to the planned rival team
(6): If one is absent or leaves the match halfway, the match will continue and his/her money will be distributed to the teammates if they win. Once there are 2 or more who are absent, the match will be cancelled and the whole 30m will be redistributed to the present participants.
(7): As an observer, I will commit suicide immediately. But I know my revival may disturb people in the other team, and I will stand on a team which seems weaker(in terms of armors and lvs, not skill) to minimize the effect.
(8 ): I will distribute the awards and profits as soon as possible.

Any feedbacks or suggestions? I may make changes to my plan if necessary. Thx ;)
Normal Server / Buying Letters
August 27, 2017, 06:59:10 AM
Buying Letter O, C, E, TX2, HX2, Candydrop and Firework with Fireworks 2014
Videos / Plan of making videos on pvp and bvb
July 29, 2017, 07:12:21 AM
  Hi guys! I'm the new mod, Noobz. Just a few of you would know me. but it's fine, lol. I'm gonna make videos on BC's pvp and bvb(All maps included), and will post them on my Youtube channel (Fong Rocky). All of you here are welcome to join the games. Here come the details.

The record will start from 8pm on 2nd August(Korean time: 11am, 3/8). All maps would be done at least once(Individual, Normal Mode). If you want to do a different rule or/and mode in specific maps(e.g. Map: Dark Sector, Rule: Elimination, Mode: Infinite Ammo, One Shoot Kill), plz voice your requests on this post or tell me in game before the day. I will think about the suggestion and may accept it hopefully. ;)

The time starting is 8pm, 15/8. The participant's armor is strictly restricted(You know, pvp can be fun even if the match is unfair, but fairness is really vital in bvb). All items you wear must be sorted in the shop(e.g. Elektra +7 is ok but halloween, LGN, Raid, Tier, Reaper Flags, Dark Meto, MetoWing, etc, are not). The latest 266lv items are not allowed either. coins head and coins mini bots must be taken down to show that you don't have prohibited head and mini bots with you. One can bring no more than 1 coins merc with him/her. Yeah, I know it's a bit fussy, but I think it's the best way to ensure fairness.

 Through the videos, I'm intended to deliver to the new a message: Gora, money, strong armors and exp are not the whole of BC. The skill in sector and pvp, the tactics in bvb, are more valuable and leave much more to explore. I hope we, as old players, work harder on the issue. Come more frequently to activate the game, and teach the new/nostalgia some basic skills and knowledges of BC's fights instead of levelling them up. That's my vision, lol.
 If you have any questions about my plan, feel free to post them here or send me a message. You can ask me directly in game as well. Thx for your attention. Enjoy the day! :)
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