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Author Topic: ZeaL || Old People || Retirement Home For the Mentally Insane Haxxor  (Read 97159 times)
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poke: still an indian retard
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Just found an oooold doc of ZeaL trying to create our own PS. Reminded me of this game again after a few forgotten years. I kinda want to play again, but only 3 people are online...
New Bots Server Project
The Goal:
To make a balanced private Bots server through an invite-only system. The game is going to be made for a small community with a max of ~50 players online at one point.
What we need:
Those fluent must know/learn the following:
MySQL (database viewer) (2008 or later)
Some Java is not required but would be an asset
GFX Artists:
For site design and working on the in game skin for tweaks.
This we may need later on for story/website writing and sound pack/effects in game.
How’s it going to work? :
A certain number of people will be selected for Closed Beta. These people will know the game fairly well and help in fixing and balancing the game.
-Admins & GM’s can invite as many people as they would like. GM’s need Admin’s approval after inviting 3 people.
Regular Players can invite up to 2 people max each.
If we invite A to be one of our Closed Beta players, and once we reach Open Beta,
A invites B, B invites C, C invites D.

If A only invites 1 person, and everyone following him invites one person, then there is a linear branch in our Tree System.
A is now held responsible for B,C,D,E, and everyone else his invitees decide to invite.
This means that if anyone in the tree decides to hack, spam, scam, or abuse any system within the game, everyone from him and above in the tree will get permanently banned.
If C decides to hack in this scenario, A,B,C get banned. If E decides to hack, everyone above him gets banned.
Aside from the invite-only system, a possible new player can ask an Admin/GM if they can join as a first-stream player. (with no one inviting him) Those people are the responsibility of the Staff Member.
Exp: 1x, basically what the original game had in 2007. Weekends (Friday-Sunday) will be 2x
Most regular maps around your bot level will do 25 exp; elite levels doing 50 exp (at 1x rates)
Gigas: 25x the Exp attained in a game mode
PvP/Base Rates are debatable
Party EXP Bonuses are debatable.
The current max exp attainable to lv 100 is 116676 EXP;
Coin System:
Coins are to be rewarded in every game mode. In sector, they are fixed at 5 coins per elite level played around your Bot level, 3 coins for every regular map you play around your level.
1 Coin is given to the player if the map you are playing is <10 levels from your bot level, and coins are given to every player in the room.
You also get 1 coin per player kill in PvP, as well as 1 coin for every player and merc kill in BvB. The high possibility of farming for coins means less exp in base. (Debatable)
- We need to figure out the PHP/HTML system for rankings and stuff to display on website
- The possibility of there being no guilds in this game. Reason being, guilds are usually what cause people to level fast and hack in groups, also with a small community it seems fairly pointless. Some other system may be replaced for it instead.
-Our hoster needs to be within the US, or if we have the money, hire an online hoster.
-Rams will generally be boosted, Surges nerfed, and Patches may stay the same. Virus mobs in sector may be given slightly higher stats.
-Bot stract needs a use. It may replace coins entirely in PvP or base, and be used to trade for coins. Keep that in mind.

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I don't remember that.


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Oh Man

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