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Sort the Lobby List by XP

Started by 00, September 26, 2017, 09:23:55 AM

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pointless. no need for that, it's good in the alphabetical order. you can check exp rankings on the website if you want to
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^thanks cooky <3
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lol. Changing how the lobby lists players will be one of the last things we even begin to consider changing. As said above, the lobby list is to see who's online. There's already an existing ranking board on the website. There's no need to put in extra work on a unnecessary change. Rather spend the time getting the chests working permanently.
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the only thing that would be cool to have for lobby list would be a different colour for someone who is afk, like you get red colour if you were not chatting or making any actions for 30min, or if someone is in trade option (as far as i know when you are trading your name stays same black colour), would be cool to have but both are not necessary at all and its fine as it is

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