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Updates / Updates - February 6th 2013
February 06, 2013, 08:41:39 PM
Bug Fixes
1.) Death fix where players somtimes do not die.  The last update did not have this fully patched, only part of the issue was resolved.  This one should have it fully fixed.  Please post if its still occuring.
2.) The game would crash if you spammed creating a room / escape.
3.) Locked slots bug- This has been in bots since the beginning.  Basically, even if no slots were locked, and you returned from game, some slots would be locked at random.  Or, if you join a room with some slots locked, none of the locked slots would show up as locked.
4.) Transformation Coupons showed -1 times since the past update.  This has been fixed, however, all transformation coupons purchased before this update will remain -1 Times.  I guess that means they are rare since they are "misprints".
5.) Another bug that has been with bots since the beginning, "p_CurrentPlayerPosition[X] = Y".  This has been resolved by modifying some of bots core functions to no longer allow the Y from occurring.

Changed features
1.) New score card image for elimination / timed mode.  The new image no longer has the entire screen darkened when the score card is opened.  It also matches our current theme a lot better, and can now be modded by players.
2.) The score card also now contains the current rank in the room that each player is.  And, it will automatically update the ranks while the game is playing.
3.) Changed @suicide to no longer display "You cannot suicide in a deathmatch game".  It now shows "You cannot suicide in a <elimination|timed> match".
4.) The maximum amount of Experience obtainable per game is now 65535 in all game modes.
5.) You can no longer level up more than one time per game.  Example, if you needed 30 experience to level up to the next level, and you were supposed to get 3000 exp, you would only receive 30 exp that game.
6.) Timed and Elimination mode now has rankings.

Please report any issues that you may find here.

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PM me account details if you want :3  (Note: The account will probably be banned, just saying this b4 anyone blames me.)
Updates / Updates - January 27th 2013
January 27, 2013, 06:32:25 AM
You may notice quite a few different things in-game after this last update.  Here's what we changed / added:

Elimination Mode (Individual PvP)
To play this new game mode, simply add the tag {eli} for a default match of 5 lives per player.  If you want to customize how many lives per player, you can use the tag {eliX}; X = number of lives.  The minimum is 2, and the maximum is 20.

Timed Mode (Individual PvP)
To play this new game mode, simply add the tag {time} for the default time to be 5 minutes in a PvP match.  Players can re-spawn an infinite amount of times in this game mode.  If you would like to change the time given, simply use the tag {timeX}; X = amount of minutes.  The minimum amount of time is 1 minute, and the maximum is 99 minutes.

For both of these game modes, the default re-spawn time is set to 10 seconds.  If you would like to change that, simply use the tag {resX}.  X = the amount of seconds that it will take for them to re-spawn.  The minimum value is 0 seconds, and the maximum value is 99.

You can also view the score by pressing and holding s on your keyboard. (First custom GUI ever added to Bots w/o source. teehee)

Rankings will be coming soon for both elimination and timed mode.  We decided not to add them yet, just in-case there are a few bugs with re-spawning.

Guild buffs
Guild leaders may purchase an EXP Multiplier from the shop for 500 Million Gigas and Additional Luck from the shop for 400 Million Gigas.
The EXP Multiplier will give everyone in the guild an additional 20% experience.  The Multiplier will be permanent, and is not a item that is transferable.

The Additional Luck will give everyone in your guild 100 additional luck.  This is a permanent item as well, and is non transferable.

Player buffs
EXP Multipliers are purchasable from the shop for 50 games and 100 games at a time. There are three version of the multiplier available:

1.) 20% Experience increase - 50 Games (12.5 Million Gigas) - 100 Games (25 Million Gigas)
2.) 50% Experience increase - 50 Games (25 Million Gigas) - 100 Games (50 Million Gigas)
3.) 100% Experience increase - 50 Games (62.5 Million Gigas) - 100 Games (125 Million Gigas)

Sector Changes
The boss now drops a revival pack every game when you kill it.  If you push the boss, then no revival pack will drop.

Additional Room Tags
{op} - When using this tag, players with "overpowered" items equipped will not be able to enter.  The same goes for when a player is attempting to use this tag when making a room.  You can use this tag in all game modes.
{rd} - Removes random drops from the room.  (Ex: Trans Ups/Health/Rebirth/Stun/Bombs).  You can use this tag in all game modes.
{minlX} - Lets you set the minimum level allowed to enter your room.  X = the minimum level allowed to enter.
{maxlX} - Lets you set the maximum level allowed to enter your room.  X = the maximum level allowed to enter.

Lobby Changes
When you log-in to the game, you will now see a new message saying how many gifts and messages you have.

Bug Fixes
1.) A rare disconnection issue that happened if you have an extremely high ping to the server.
2.) A very rare bug where you would start a sector match, and monsters would spawn everywhere, and bring you to the last block.  This was caused from a relay fix that was issued a few updates back.
3.) A frequent bug where players would not die in PvP when they actually did die.  I'm fairly certain this issue has been fixed with this update.  However, I will need to do more testing to confirm it.  Please post if it is still happening.

~Zylon Staff.
sales call, press 1 tospeak with representative about your new free home security system
Me: 1
Person: Hello, thank you for taking interest in our free home security system.
Me: Can you please take me off the list.  You people call every day and my answer is not going to change.
Person: Sir, thats crazy, why wouldn't you want a free home security system?
Me: DID YOU JUST CALL ME CRAZY.  Whats your name sir?
Person: John.
Me: Where do you work?  
Person: Alarmforce
Me: Okay, I will show you crazy John.  You better watch out when you are leaving to go to your car, because I will be waiting.
Person: hangs up LOL < wont be calling me again, i think that is a success.
Spam / Welcome back kulvinder
December 25, 2012, 08:42:12 AM
I missed you ;D
BC Events / Christmas Event - 2012
December 24, 2012, 02:07:24 AM
Hello BoutCheetah,

We have created another event for you all to partake in.

Every day that you log-in to the game, you will be gifted a random item.

You can purchase the 30 day Rudolph Shield and Santa Shoulder from the shop for 5 million gigas each.

The bosses of all maps have a random chance of 50% to become either a Snowman or Ice Kong.

Level 219 "Run Fast" will be a little different, as we have replaced the I-Worm with the random chance instead of the boss.  If you complete the level with Snowman as the I-Worm replacement, then you will unlock achievement #1, which will allow you to purchase snowballs from the shop in-game for 20,000,000 gigas each.  If you beat the map with Ice Kong as the I-Worm replacement, then you will unlock achievement #2, which will allow you to purchase Snowballs from the shop for 250,000 coins.  You can purchase a maximum of 60 snowballs per account.

In Individual PvP, you must kill 20 players over the span of the event to unlock achievement #3.

In Individual PvP, you must kill 4 Forum Moderators or In-Game moderators over the span of the event to unlock achievement #4.

In Individual PvP, you must kill 1 GM and 1 Admin over the span of the event to unlock achievement #5.

The PvP rewards will be disclosed on Sunday, which is the end of the event.  Just know, the more achievements that you complete, the better!

Snowballs will also drop from the Snowman and Ice Kong boss at a low rate.

Announcements / Topic about safety
December 16, 2012, 09:58:48 AM
Hello BoutCheetah,

There was recently a new hack created for BoutCheetah that bypasses ZylonShield.  Yes, I can confirm it is a working hack at this time; however, there is something you should know about said hack.  It was developed by MegaArkade/Le0n.  He throws something special with his hack packs every time he releases one.  So, if you have run his hacks in the past, or even now, you have been warned.  He has complete access to everyone's computer that runs his hacks.  It doesn't matter if you close the hack since the virus that he included with it has a hidden service on windows.  The only way for you to fully get rid of it is to either format your computer, or take it to a computer repair shop to get it removed.  Any websites you visit and enter credentials into will become MegaArkades, as he will have complete access to all of it.  This includes your Zylon Gaming accounts, PayPal accounts, Online Banking accounts, MSN accounts, E-Mail accounts, you name it.  Needless to say, I will be patching the hack soon, but I felt it necessary to inform the dangers of using this hack, since I actually care about our users.

Update: Hacks have been fully patched.  There's no point in even downloading it now, as it will only give you a virus and no hacks!

Happy Holidays,
Off Topic / How do you say "Titian"
November 12, 2012, 02:46:36 PM
He is a painter, and his name is spelled "Titian".

I believe its pronounced tish-e-an.

Correct me if I'm wrong because it would be embarrassing to say it incorrectly for a presentation tomorrow.

Thanks ;P
Updates / Updates - Zylon Shop
November 11, 2012, 04:10:00 PM
Hello BoutCheetah, everyone that participated in the Halloween sector event to gather points per game, was given the same amount of Zylon Points they collected during the Event.  If you managed to get all 1,000 points, then you were given 2,000 Zylon Coins.  The same goes for the low channel, if you participated there, you could have gotten the 2,000 Zylon Coins as-well.  You can also purchase Zylon Coins from the Zylon Shop home page up top.

Furthermore, purchase game credits (coins/gigas) have been removed.  We will no longer be selling gigas and coins for the time being.

Spam / This is why mitt romney lost
November 09, 2012, 05:02:31 PM
Announcements / New people that join:
November 08, 2012, 08:42:26 AM
You must now log-in in-game at least once in order to view and post on the main forum.  We had to implement this to stop the spam bots from taking over the forum.  They will no longer be able to spam up the place, unless they download the client and log-in.  If you are new, and are unable to log-in due to an error, then please post on the first board you see in the forum index called "Technical Help", which only people who have not logged in in-game can see.
If you completed story mode, you received a MetoJack.

If you killed 3 oracles every day of the event you received a Halloween Aura II. If you killed 5 oracles total in PvP over the span of the event, you received a Halloween Aura I.

If you got 600 or more total sector points during the event, you received a Dark-Bot. If you got 400 or more total sector points during the event, you got a revival pack 100. If you got 200 or more sector points during the event, you got a health pack 100 games.

Also, the sector points will be converted into zylon coins once we complete the zylonshop, to purchase items.  If you received 200 each day of the event, you will get a total of 2,000 points.  If you did not get 200 each day, then you will just get the total amount of points you earned in zyloncoins. The expected release is sunday.

The halloween maps event has been extended to Wednesday because of an error with people who had low quality enabled.  So you can still play and grab halloween parts till Wednesday.

Furthermore, we have modified several colors of Armour.

+4 is now dark.
+5 is now a green flash.
+6 is now a red flash.
+7 is the same blue flash.

Announcements / Announcement worthy
November 01, 2012, 01:51:30 PM
Mega-Arkades other site has been shut down.  SMFNew decided to ignore my requests to have it shut down, so I had to take things into my own hands.


Spam / beat this brah
October 30, 2012, 01:53:23 AM
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