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Announcements / New client installer is out
October 18, 2012, 07:59:55 PM
Hello, we are pleased to announce that the latest installer for BoutCheetah has pretty much every well-known anti-virus false detection removed.  Please download it on the downloads page using the Direct Link if you have any issues with your current client.  Please note this installer is fully up-to-date, you will not need to update once it is installed.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.  We are currently looking for a better place to do business with, as Onebip has turned into a scamming company.  If you were purchasing membership via Onebip, please try to get a PayPal account and purchase it that way for the time being.  If you need assistance with setting up a PayPal account, send me a PM and I will give you a small tutorial.

We are pleased to announce that in a few days, many of the major anti-virus companies are going to release an update that will no longer detect BoutCheetah as a false positive virus.  So, please update your anti-viruses today, and if it still detects, please leave the name of the antivirus you use, and I will inform you when we have the detection issue resolved.

Announcements / Scheduled Game Server Maintenance
October 05, 2012, 07:31:17 PM
Our host is currently changing the switch to our dedicated server running the game server.  The downtime will be from Sunday 1:00 AM - 1:20 AM EST.

We apologize for any inconvenience.
Announcements / Item sell price error
October 05, 2012, 09:51:20 AM
The following bots Gigas have been adjusted:

1.97 bil removed from Johnny
1.97 bil removed from aaartis2
1.98 bil removed from SpecTRaS
1.99 bil removed from Panisher
2 bil removed from -Nova
2 bil removed from bot name 2514

We accidentally forgot to change back a sale price for an item when we were testing the max price.  These people may or may not have known they abused it.  Any marketplace transactions affected have been reversed.

Sorry for any inconvenience,

Updates / Updates - October 2nd 2012
October 02, 2012, 11:43:26 PM
Stake changes
1.) Buttons changed to make it look better, and to take away the @stake command after every game.  Now you just press on Join Stake.
2.) Suicide / Exit command have been added in-game.
3.) New messages that will tell the room master if someone does not have enough Gigas to join the stake again.
4.) Once all players in the room have joined the stake, the map will be UN-able to be changed.  This is because people would put the map on flop, and then switch to Holodeck and quickly press start.

Bug Fixes
1.) PvP sometimes only showed 5 maps in the drop down list.  This was caused by a function not being disabled for survival.
2.) Login bug where if you entered your username/password, then clicked on the username text box, it would say incorrect password even though you entered it properly.  This bug has been on BoutCheetah for practically ever when we started encrypting passwords.
3.) Random starting place, and monsters would bounce around in survival/sector.  This was caused from another function not being disabled properly.
4.) A pointer issue with how we patched a hack a few months ago has been identified.  This bug caused random disconnections depending on a few certain packets being sent in at the same time.
5.) Yellow text that you would sometimes see in a room.  This was caused due to an error in the relay not removing some people properly.  Should be fixed now.

Hack patches
1.) Mega-arkade's no fall down hack.  It's kind of a lame hack to do, so I waited on patching it as noone even cared about using it.  But nonetheless, it's patched now.  So, if you find any working hacks, please email them to support@zylongaming.com

If you find any issues with anything that I have posted, please leave a reply here!

Spam / My first sig!
September 24, 2012, 11:43:19 PM
Updates / Updates - September 19-20th 2012
September 21, 2012, 12:38:35 AM

1.) Guild have been wiped, to have a fresh start.  There are now separate rankings for guilds: Overall, Sector, PvP, Base, Guild Wars, and Hall Of Fame.
2.) Exp for PvP/Base have changed.  PvP now gives you more EXP based on player kills.  Base EXP has completely changed, it now gives you exp per Player/Merc kill, and a huge bonus for killing the base.
3.) Tier 2 Armour will now give you 15% more EXP in all game modes.  Tier 3 Armour will now give you 40% more EXP in all game modes.
4.) Guild Wars {gw} - this is a room name tag for Team PvP and Base that allows you to battle another guild.  This is kind of self explanatory.
5.) Stakes {stk} - this is a room name tag for Individual PvP, where you can set the stake by typing @stake <amount>, and everyone who enters must type @stake to join the stake, and ready.  The winner of the match will get the entire stake pot, and the losers will lose their entry fee.
6.) The level requirement for making a guild is now 100.
7.) The purchase price (In Gigas) for creating a guild is now 10,000,000 Gigas.
8.) The purchase price (In Gigas) for guild expand is now 50,000,000 Gigas.
9.) The max amount of members a guild can have now is 20.
10.) Sector EXP rates have been cut in half.
11.) PvP/Base timer has been added to check the amount of time the game has lasted, and will then calculate the EXP rate you will receive based on the number of seconds.  If you play for 5 minutes, then you get 100% of the EXP, if you play for 4 minutes, you will get 80% of the EXP.

Bug Fixes

1.) Guild Chat would sometimes not be possible to use; also when you joined a room, it would sometimes show that you were not in a guild, even though you were.  This bug was pretty tricky to track down exactly what caused it.  It turned out to be examining a player.
2.) If you had the max amount of Gigas possible, and you tried selling a item to the shop, it would crash the client.

Upcoming Changes

1.) Zylon Shop - automated item purchases (this will save us tons of time, and the players will receive the items instantly after purchase).
2.) Guild Co-Leaders, this will allow guild masters to set co-leaders with a command, and the co-leaders will show up on the guild information window separated by commas.
3.) Relay bug fix - this is going to fix the players who do not die in PvP/Base who are connected to the relay.  It's an error caused by packet loss.  Should be able to fix this somehow.

Please post any issues you find.


Updates / Updates - Leech Skill
September 04, 2012, 03:24:40 PM
This skill will add health to your bot based on how much damage you do.  The amount differs between different game modes.  Please report any bugs you find here.

During this time, the game server will be offline, undergoing maintenance.  Rest assured it will be back up within a hour.

August 18, 2012, 06:58:07 AM

Updates / Bug Fixes - August 16th 2012
August 16, 2012, 04:49:27 AM
The following bugs have been resolved:

1.) Gigas no longer go negative when selling an item to the shop when you have max gigas.  Client locks up now, when trying to sell.  I will fix this issue in the next update.
2.) Marketplace bug, which allowed duplicating botstract, or losing botstract.  I have fixed every transaction that was wrong.  Took a few hours to do that.  Soooo many people use the marketplace.

Updates / Bug Fixes - August 13th 2012
August 13, 2012, 07:25:41 AM
The following bugs have been resolved:

1.) Flashing/Dark armour bug when examining a person in the lobby.  This has happened ever since "Bout/Bots" began.  Not even T-Bots has this fixed.
2.) Level image under a bots name in-game was shifted down a lot ever since high res was released.  Now it is aligned 100% correctly.
3.) High Res - If you clicked on the chat area near the scroll buttons for lobby text, it would bring up or down the list.  Script error.
4.) If you had the max possible gigas, and tried selling an item to the shop for gigas, it would basically turn your gigas negative.  We added a check to everything except this apparently lol.
5.) Room's that showed level 0, and did not let you enter.  Hopefully what I did fixes it, we'll see.
Updates / Bug Fixes - August 11th 2012
August 11, 2012, 12:30:17 PM
The following bugs have been resolved:

1.) High Res - Start screen was 800 x 600 when you first turn on client.
2.) High Res - Cursor image has been re-placed so there is no longer 2 white lines on the left/bottom.
3.) High Res - All fonts have been adjusted to work much much better.
4.) If you kicked someone in-game, the game would not end (happened from last update to fix the 1 player in room commands)
5.) If you created a bot, you would have to close the client to enter the game (happened 2 updates ago to fix a relay server bug)
6.) Sector Race - Meteor landing map would d/c the entire map when starting.
7.) The latest hack that someone sent me has been patched.
8.) If you spammed the join channel button a lot, it would lock up client. (happened 2 updates ago to fix a relay server bug)
9.) Low Res - Cursor image has been re-placed, apparently it has been off by 6 pixels for a very long time.
10.) If there was 2 people in any room, and the room master kicked the second person, he/she could not use commands.

Upcoming updates:

1.) Custom music player (Replacing most background songs, with mp3 versions, so it is easier to add new songs in places).
2.) Sound effects for the new skills that are being released soon.

Please leave a comment if any of the things that I said above appear to not be working still, and I will investigate.


P.S. Thanks everyone for reporting these issues to me.
Announcements / Official BoutCheetah Logo
August 09, 2012, 12:41:11 PM
Hello everyone, BoutCheetah now has an official logo.  The website/game will be updated in a few days to showcase this new logo.  You may now use the logo in any future projects such as videos, mods, event images, etc.

A special thanks to the creator of this wonderful logo, Pankaj Maloo, who works at http://www.logoprodesign.com/

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