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      Summer BVB Tournament!
      August 10, 2017, 11:23:44 AM by Bluepatchx
      Views: 357365 | Comments: 54

      Hello everyone, I am delighted to announce that we will be hosting a small BVB tournament before this summer's end. Below are the rules and regulations for this event :)

      We hope to get at least 6 teams participating, and are likely to play during a S.E.A time zone, but of course we can try accomdate other time slots if needed. We've sourced out some prizes and hope this will bring back a few of you who've been looking for some good BVB!

      Get a team of (at most) 3 players!

      It will be an Elimination Tournament. ,

      It will be the best of 3 games.

      They will be fought in the "Industrobe plains"!

      Must follow Equipment list for Items (mercs as well!)

      Beat the Staff team (we will be wearing the same armour as you) and you can score an extra 5 points to your tally!

      Your team must be checked by an Admin, GM or Mod before the match!

      You will need to get specifically Level 151 Armour (it can be +1 to +7)!

      DM Guns and II skills and Coin Heads and ANY LGN gear will not be allowed.

      Any Transformations, listed merc (Boza, Wazzu, Nimba, Scalper, and  Torret Virus), E.F., Coin Gun, Coin (Non-LGN) Flags, Non-LGN shield and Coin (Non-LGN Wings), and Coin Mini's are permitted are permitted.

      Saturday, 26th of August and Saturday 2nd of September,  5pm GMT+9/KST (repeating on 27th if necessary)

      Message me if you have any questions!

      Sign up or search for teams in the comments :)

      Congratulations to HGM Bunni and Mod Noobz
      July 26, 2017, 06:53:09 AM by Bluepatchx
      Views: 281361 | Comments: 13

      Hello everyone,

      This is somewhat late, however I am delighted to announce we have new members of staff joining our roster; HGM Bunnii in Bots (also aGM in BC), and  Mod Noobz (BC). We hope with these new additions to the team, we will be better able in facilitating players across more time zones during the day and across both games. Similarly, we hope the diversity in spoken languages among this team will better equip us to offer assistance in future.

      Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to any member of staff in-game, or on the forums.

      The GM's are also planning an "End of Summer" event which we aim to run on BC, and Bots if possible. Should everything go to plan, we will post an announcement for this event.

      Have a fantastic day.

      Admin Jared

      Sorry for the service interruption
      June 16, 2017, 10:23:07 PM by Santa
      Views: 274818 | Comments: 7

      The dedicated server which hosted Zylon Gaming had a drive fail in raid 1 mode.  Due to the hardware being very outdated on the old server, a decision was made to decommission and move to a brand new server.  No data was lost.  However, if you run into any new issues caused by this server change, please post them here so I can check it out.  If your client has failed to update and you are unable to play, Download the latest Setup to reinstall the game.


      Account Recoveries
      February 10, 2017, 04:38:47 AM by Bluepatchx
      Views: 298381 | Comments: 37

      Hello everyone,

      I am aware that recently there's been a few people with account issues.

      Please leave me a message or reply below and I will offer assistance as soon as possible.

      Admin Jared

      Congratulations to GM Rebecca
      August 08, 2016, 12:29:44 AM by Bluepatchx
      Views: 245783 | Comments: 10

      Hello everyone!

      I am delighted to announce we have a new Korean GM among our roster of staff: GM Rebecca.

      As an active member in-game and within the Korean community, GM Rebecca is ready to offer help and assist any player who might need it. Speaking two languages; Korean and English, he will do his best to give support wherever and wherever possible.

      Stay safe and have fun everyone.

      Admin Jared

      New client installer released
      July 06, 2016, 10:22:21 PM by Santa
      Views: 216756 | Comments: 0

      Hello guys, I have just updated the client installer for those having issues getting the latest updates, simply head over to the downloads page here and re-download and install the client and you should be up-to-date.


      General Updates
      July 06, 2016, 12:05:14 AM by Bluepatchx
      Views: 223808 | Comments: 23

      Hello everyone!

      We've got a few general updates for BC:

      Sector 266 Sets that I've designed:

      These sets, as well as AquaPlater and CenarionWard require your bot to be level 266 to equip the item, even  if bought from the shop.

      These sets (up to +3) will now drop from level 258 and 266. Support for combination coupons up to +7 is available. They are also available in the in-game shop!

      The Scritter Ram Body has been modified

      Meteor landing has had a minor graphic update

      Legion’s Collection Event
      July 05, 2016, 10:31:23 PM by Bluepatchx
      Views: 229281 | Comments: 33

      The time has come. The Legions have marched onto the battlefield and now is the time to show your support!

      For the next two weeks, I've made brand new Legion armours, shoulders, shields, flags and wings will be attainable as rewards from daily chests!

      Collect your 7 chests and get daily rewards!

      These are trade-able, giftable and are supported by the EC's for colour change!

      Swarmed Legion:

      Winged Army:

      Virus Legion:

      In addition, players will be able to farm several rares from several high-leveled maps (Meteor Landing and above sectors), at a low drop rate. These are available as Candies. Rares include Elite transes, various Zylon-shop items and more!

      Chest Drops
      May 05, 2016, 11:40:09 AM by Bluepatchx
      Views: 322872 | Comments: 8

      Due to the large amount of player questions I have been receiving about chests this week, I've decided to make a quick announcement to address it.

      Yes, they are currently not dropping. We will be fixing it ASAP, when possible.

      Thank you for your patience and understanding.

      Update: Chests have now been fixed and should be dropping.

      If there are any issues, please file a report in the "Report a bug" section.

      Zeon for a day - BC PvP Tournament
      March 20, 2016, 12:05:45 AM by Allie
      Views: 230522 | Comments: 39

      Welcome to our first BC tournament since 2012.

      This tournament will be officially sponsored and hosted by myself (Allie). I plan to begin monthly or bi-monthly tournaments actively from here on. Please leave your feedback below.

      These tournaments will always have different rules compared to our BOTS tournaments. This tournament will have map locked to holodeck with infinite hp. Please see specific rules below.

      If you wish to compete, please review the rules below and either post here or PM me with your name and bot choice. Remember that you do not need a current account in the game, one will be made for you. Once added to the list, you will be eligible to either have your tournament character unlocked, or a new one made on request.
      The tournament will begin on Saturday, April 2nd. This is currently planned to be a one day tournament, so please register assuming you have at least a few hours of spare time. If there is a large amount of sign-ups, this may change.

      General information:
      • Date: Saturday, April 2nd
      • Time: 4PM EST
      • 1v1

      • You must be on within ten minutes of the start of the tournament, or you will be automatically disqualified; No Leniency
      • All participating members will be given a boosted level 200 with your choice of bot type and gear to use for the tournament; these accounts will not be allowed to trade with other players and will be auto-locked when you lose (or win the grand finals)
      • All countries, english or not are welcomed to join, as long as you can communicate with myself
      • No requirements other than having the game installed
      • If we have at least fifteen (15) participants, we will have a bronze match; third place rewards below if applicable

      Fight Conditions
      • Holodeck only
      • II abilities and giga transes not allowed
      • Only items available in the shop are allowed
      • Best of 3
      • Best of 5 for Semi-finals and Bronze Match
      • Best of 7 for Finals (or 3 wins above)

      Grand Prize:
      • You will earn the rights to play on Zeon for a day. You will have no restrictions for what you do on the account*, in its full level 702 glory. You can choose to sector with your friends on an account that punches for 3k (8k in trans), or take on your friends 1v7, or even try to take on the Gods in a 1v4. The choice is yours.

      *This excludes transformation coupon and equipping coin items

      Official registration ends Thursday,, March 31. At this time I will be asking for further information to make your event account. This will continue until Friday, April 1st, when event accounts will begin to be distributed. Brackets will be made using  Challonge at the start of the tournament with those who show up. Fill-ins will be allowed for players who don't show up and if there a shortage of participants.

      Do not sign up if you will not make it. Players who are not present at the start of the tournament will automatically be disqualified.

      Good luck!

      Current Participants
      BOT Type

      1. BCE -Rage-
      2. BCE Alliebell
      3. BCE Holodeck
      4. BCE Ichimonji
      5. BCE Lamp
      6. BCE Meteor
      7. BCE Oreos
      8. BCE Vish
      9. BCE ZeusSon

      BC ZG April PvP Tournament - Challenge


      Round 1

      -Rage- vs Lamp
      • 0-1
      • 1-1
      • Draw, rematch
      • 1-2 Lamp wins

      Vish vs Holodeck
      • 0-1
      • 0-2 Holodeck wins

      ZeusSon vs Ichimonji
      • 0-1
      • 0-2 Ichimonji wins

      Allie vs Meteor
      • 0-1
      • 0-2 Meteor wins

      Oreos vs Lamp
      • 1-0
      • 2-0 Oreos wins

      Round 2

      Oreos vs Holodeck
      • 1-0
      • 2-0
      • 2-1
      • 2-2
      • 3-2 Oreos wins

      Ichimonji vs Meteor
      • 1-0
      • 2-0
      • 3-0 Ichimonji wins


      Oreos vs Ichimonji
      • 0-1
      • 1-1
      • 1-2
      • 2-2
      • 3-2
      • 3-3
      • 3-4 Ichimonji wins

      Congratulations to Ichimonji, you are the Winner!

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